July I Allied turn

Malta repair now 3 per turn; Malta status 5.

Supplies and the 0-1-8 Hv AA II make it through to Malta.
The Allied Front line is reinforced but still not strong enough to risk a sortie and attack on the strong DAK stacks.  Instead it solidifies further.

July I Axis turn

Malta takes 1 hit; Malta status now 6.
DAK inches forward to provide protection for the two cons units pushing the airfields forward, and is now toe to toe with 8th Army.

July II Allied turn

Malta status now 3.

8th Army decides it is time for a massive attack on the central hex with 5Le and support units, before the LW Ju87 ground support and multiple fighters move forward (which they will next turn).
Odds are 52 vs 18 – at -1.
An attempt to fly in DAS results in the biggest air battle of the campaign so far; a Hurri is aborted along with 2 Ju88s and a Me110, and an MC 200 eliminated.  The last Ju88 is aborted by AA.
11 Pts GS make it through the AA for 63 vs 18 or 3.5:1 -1. DR.
A frustratingly inconclusive result, and 8th Army declines to advance after combat, preferring to sit in its forts.

Axis July II turn

The Germans give an Arm RP to the Italians, who replace Ariete’s HQ. (are they allowed to do this in WW?!  I decided they could borrow from SF rules if not…)
2 Malta bombers are aborted and the third misses.
Ariete’s new Arm III makes it through safely and lands at Tobruch.
VP count – Axis 40 for control of Cyrenaica and a town in Egypt.
Allied 48.5 accumulated plus 30 for Cyrenaica – 8 for failure to invade the Levant = 70.5