Feb I 41 Allied Turn

E is mud, seas are rough.
Allied turn;
Malta status is 6

The West Med NT pool is repaired to 10 NTs.
1 AS, 2 Aus brigades, and 9th Aus XX HQ land at Tobruch and the second AS arrives at Bardiya. The newly formed pioneers start building a temporary airfield at El Alamein – do you think they know something Wavell doesn’t?

The Western Med NT is again sunk by SM 79-2s. The E Med NTs get through, Malta is supplied.
The main force admin moves down just past Msus while a lone armoured brigade plods through the mud from Derna to capture the road hexes..
The Wellington misses the port at Benghazi.

Feb 1 41 Axis Turn

The Benghazi fort is completed.
A 3-6 Inf XX from Tripolitania ships in to reinforce Bengahzi. 8 GSPs are also shipped in to supply the town, which is cut off but not yet isolated.
5 hits to Malta at a cost of a Ju87 aborted. Malta number now 11. (15 is the Max allowed).
All the reinforcements arrive unscathed apart from the HQ of 101 Trieste XX which is returned to Europe. Lack of port cap means that the 2 steps of AS remain the Europe too.
The reinforcements head along the coast road towards El Agheila.

Feb II 41 Allied Turn

Weather is clear and seas are calm.
Allied turn;
Malta status now 9.

The Wellington is called away to Greece.
Malta supply NTs arrive.
The big attack goes in at Bengahzi, 4:1 reduced to 3:1 by DAS. DR is a ZOC kill.
Loses; 1 x MC 200, 1 x Ba65, 1 x CR 42, all with nowhere to land.
3-6 In Xx, 2-6 Inf XX, 1-6 Para Inf III, 3-4-6 Art, Cons, 1 pt Position AA.
British; 1 x Blen 4 aborted.
The two UK Arm XX close up on El Agheila.
At this point, bar a couple of tank IIs, all Italian units that started in Cyrenaica have been eliminated.

Feb II Axis Turn

DAK arrives, and the 5A Cons unit is replaced at Tripoli.
Malta takes 4 hits for Status 13. The AS and Trieste HQ arrive safely.
Ariete arrives at El Agheila while other reinforcements stream along the coast road.
Mar 1 – weather clear and calm.