Allied Dec I 40

Operation Compass

Malta status 6
Nb errata that during surprise attack turn escarpments only cost +1 mp

22nd Inf X on trucks moves to 0619 to isolate the front line Italian stacks. A 2-8* Ind Inf Inf X moves to 0818, the other two with 7RT and the W art move to 0720. All attack 0719 (7 defence pts, halved for demoralisation) 3 air units provide GS, AA misses, 4:1 +1, DR – ZOC kill. All three Indian X advance.

7 Arm XX moves to 0420 and with 3 points GS attacks the CCNN XX in 0320, 5:1 +3 = DE. 7 Arm advances.

Allied Dec I 40 Regular Turn

Weather is clear, Med sea is calm.

Malta status = 6

The arriving step of AS and 4 supply points are successfully shipped to Malta. The single point of Malta AA will fire at full strength this turn.

7th Australian XX assembles and with other misc units from the Delta admin moves west along the coast road. 8 REs are left behind as Strategic Reserve.

An assembled 7 Ind XX, and 7RT attack the stack at Sidi Barrani. With 5 pts GS 1 they attack the Libyans and CCNN Divs at Sidi Barrani (7 pts isolated so halved) –; AA misses, 14 vs 3.5 = 4:1 +1= DE (1 in 6 chance of HX which would have been a disaster).

1 AS and 1 SMP captured.

Attackers advance after combat.

Meanwhile 7 Arm breaks down and moves to 0419 Halfaya Pass. A 3-2-10 Arm X and the RN attack 64 XX, a Lt Arm X, and the Cons Engineers at 0519; 7 vs 1.5 (isolated so halved) = 4:1 +3 , ZOC kill.

The other Arm X and support group attack up the escarpment to 0520. 22nd Inf X and the art attack the same hex from 0521. With 1 pt GS (AA misses) 8:2.5 = 3-1 + 2 DE.

Exploitation; 7th Arm XX assembles and moves to 0319 to put a ZOC on Bardiya and the stack at 0219. It is joined by the Artillery on trucks and the newly arrived Free French Motor Marines.

Losses; Unisolated; 1 x 1-2-6 CCNN Inf XX

Isolated (placed in replacement Pool 6 turns turns later, on March 1 turn);

2 x 3-6 Lib Inf XX, 2 x 2-6 Inf XX, 1 x 1-2-6 CCNN Inf XX, 1 x 2-10 Lib Mot Inf X, 1 x 1-10 Lib Mot Inf X, 1 x 1-8 Lt arm X, 1 x 1-6 tk II, 1 x 0-5 Cons, 1 x 2-3-6 Art X, 1 x 1-2-6 Art X.

Note that the Libyans and CCNN cannot be replaced.

Units killed while isolated count as scrapped; 16.5 REs @ 3 VPs per RE = 49.5 Allied VP

Axis Dec I 1940 Turn

SM 79s bomb Malta and get one hit; Malta number is back up to 6.

The forces at Bardiya and Tobruch hold fast, otherwise airfields are destroyed and a general retreat westwards ensues.

Allied Dec II 1940 Turn

Weather remains clear and seas calm.

Malta status; 5

Malta is safely supplied by NT

The transport unit rendezvous with the 0-1-4 Col Pioneer ready to give it a lift forward in exploitation.

7 Arm XX kills a 2-6 It Inf XX outside Bardiya, while 4th Indian, 7th Australian, and assorted other units plus the RN attack Bardiya at 5:1 -1. DE. 4th Ind advances into the port ready for the trip to E Africa while the AA battalion does likewise in hopes of shipping to Malta next turn.

The Well 1C, Blen 4 and extended range Blen 1 from Matruh bomb Derna.

A CR 42 intercepts the Wellington for no effect, the AA misses but so do the bombs.

In exploit 7th Armoured occupies the airfield (with 3 hits) outside Tobruch, isolating the port city. It is joined by the Pioneer unit in its trucks ready to start airfield repairs next turn.

It losses; A 2-6 It Inf XX, a 1-2-6 CCNN XX, 0-1-6* GAF Inf III, a 2-1-6 and 1-6 Art III, and 1 pt static AA

VP; -1 Allied for repeat use of the RN.

Axis Dec II 1940 Turn

The 3x SM 79s in Sicily bomb Malta and miss.

Malta based anti-shipping forces sink the 2-10 reinforcing Mot Inf III and return the tank battalion. First blood to Malta.

The damaged Gazala airfield is abandoned.

5A Cons is released from Garrison and shipped to Benghazi along with a Res Pt.

The Benghazi artillery ships to Derna, then on to Gazala to support the 1-8 Lt Arm X there. Meantime the 2-6 Inf XX from Gazala moves to Derna (which is basing 3 air units providing cover for Tobruch and Gazala).