I Nov 1940

CinC Middle East evacuates his staff from Alexandria to Haifa, leaving a small, unsupported garrison cornered in Alexandria as the remainder of the WDF, an armored brigade with artillery support, retreats towards Cairo. The Middle East is attempting to form a cohesive line on the Suez Canal since hostile Egyptians are already east of the Nile. Egyptian units who haven’t joined the Axis are eliminated by the British, along with an Axis Egyptian Light Armored Brigade which is overrun.
The last supply available for most likely some time allows the Italians to take Alexandria (9:1; -1: DR), although the British manage to destroy the vast majority of supply in the city before surrendering. An Egyptian brigade moves south along the Nile at full tilt to take the cities there for the Axis as the 2nd Libyan Motorized Brigade moves south of the Quattara Depression. Infantry columns close in around the armored force remaining west of the Nile.

II Nov 1940

The small armored force west of the Nile can do little to break free thanks to Italian ZOCs everywhere. The Suez defense is strengthened, although Italians, Libyans, and Egyptians are only 16 miles away and the line only covers about the northern two-thirds of the canal.
Thanks mainly to supply captured in Cairo by Egyptians, the 10th Army sends an armored task force to take Ismalia (5:1; +3 AECA, -1 ATEC: DH). The armored force just west of the Nile is finally surrounded up against the Delta. Supplies and troops are struggling to reach the front so Alexandria is opened as a supply terminal to be fully effective by December. The Italian Commander, pleased beyond belief of his army’s success, moves his headquarters into Alexandria as well.