A Royal Commission is called for in the House of Lords! Congress demands
the resignation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff! Local unit commanders demand
increased beer ration!

Algeria – The US 1st Armoured is rebuilt and thrown back into battle. US
units attempt to pummel the 2nd Pz and 131 XX’s. The OSS Sage Mech unit is
used again but a faulty map ends up with them shelling a local Chinese
restaurant by mistake, giving their position away to German tanks who blow
them to oblivion (rolled F* on success table). Massive Axis AT causes the
attack to go awry and the US troops are forced to retreat again from their
positions. (3:1 -4 ATEC, -1 Rough, +3 AECA = AR) Along the coast the
British 6th Armoured and 44HC XXs fail to dislodge the defenders and are
paused in their attack (2:1 +2 AECA, -1 AECD, -1 rough = AS) South of this
attack, the 4th Mixed, 51st XXs and odds and sods force back the 334th XX
and Italian odds and sods. (3:1 +1 AECA, -1 rough = DR) South again from
here, the 46th, 78th XX, 5th Cdr and various units hit a mixture of Axis
forces, mainly regiments and brigades. This attack succeeds and destroys
them, but for the loss of the 5th Cdr and the 10th infantry X. (2:1 = HX)

Tunisia – Bitter at the loss of so many comrades, the remaining 8th Army
infantry gets to grip with the Axis defenders. Ignoring minefields which
take so many lives, ignoring barbed wire which holds up the attacks and
channels them into fire lanes, ignoring the aircraft overhead, the infantry
at last break the western sector of the Axis defence zone, although the cost
is heavy (2:1 -1 fort = EX) Immediately following the news of the gap in
the line, the numerous British mechanised and motorised forces push past the
remaining defenders to exploit through. Several airfields built close to
the Gabes Gap are seized and overrun – catching Me 109s on the ground. The
German CinC is heartbroken. It now appears with this battle and
breakthrough that a withdrawal from Gabes is needed.

Tunisia – A general retreat is ordered. Units fall back to Sfax and
Kasserine. A couple of units breakdown and spreadout to try and slow any
rapid allied advance. As usual, the Italians are left as speed bumps.
Planes redeploy north towards Tunis.

Algeria – The lines are pulled back with the 90th PG XX and 2nd Pz XX
hurried towards Tunisia. This may have the effect of fatally weakening the
Algeria defences, only time will tell…….

May II 1943

Tunisia – Several units are hastily rebuilt while the remaining 8th Army
forces attack northwards, breaking the thin Axis line in numerous places.
Tebessa is taken by the 1st HCR and 1st Dragoon recon units. Nearby at
Kasserine, several armoured brigades smash into the Italian 17th and 22nd
XXs with 9B Mot III attached. The superior armour might destroy the
defenders. (3:1 +3 AECA, -1 Rough = DE) The Greek Motorised Mountain
Brigade swings through Kairoun to seize Sousse and overuns an Axis airbase,
destroying three air wings caught on the ground there. The Indian, French
and British Infantry catch the Ariete Division and through superior numbers
destroy it as a fighting force. (4:1 -2 AECD = EX) At Sfax, the Allies
main armour body hits the Italian 1st XX out of the woods they are
defending. (3:1 +3 AECA, -1 woods = DR) With his line a smoking ruin, the
German commander can only shake his head and think what will happen in the
exploitation phase……

Algeria – The loss of the 90th PG and 2nd Pz XXs seems to have fatally
weakened the Axis defences. The US hits the 164 LA XX and 165 III, despite
Luftwaffe DAS the Americans are too strong and the infantry units are
overwhelmed (7:1 -1 rough, +2 AECA = DE) At Marengo in the north, the
British try to drive out the 15th Pz and attached AA and Rocket support.
The Luftwaffe is unable to aid the defenders, hunted down by the RAF and
sent crashing into the ground. The result is good for the allies with the
15th Pz cadred and the town falling. (3:1 -2 AECD = EX) The importance of
this attack is underlined when it is realised that the advancing British
units now lay across the Axis retreat lines if the main attack east of
Cherchell is successful. The German commander watches fearfully as the
Allies prepare their battle. The main British forces, with the French in
support slam into the defenders. Again the RAF and USAAF dominate the skies
and there is no Axis air cover. The attack is a success and the retreating
axis defenders are snapped up into the bag. (3:1 -1 rough, -1 ATEC, +2 AECA
= HX) The advancing Allied forces are pleased to capture a supply depot
from the Germans, especially considering this round of battles has burnt up
all of the available supplies in Algeria.

Exploitation Phase:
Tunisia – An armoured brigade, 1 HCR and motorised artillery beetle along
unopposed through the Tunisian highlands to reach the outskirts of
Constantine where the local French population are setting up the bunting for
the liberation parade. Other Armoured units are forced to stop just short
of Bone. The 7th Armoured Division heads into Sousse, overrunning an
Italian AA unit on the way. This allows the Greeks in their truck to enter
an undefended Tunis, taking everyone by surprise and capturing a massive
supply depot at Enfadiville (2 AS captured, 2 blown up by surprised German
Logistics officers). The news is spread throughout the theatre by radio and
many celebrations are held. The House of Commons votes the Greek commander
the thanks of Parliament and King Constantine sends the order of St George
in the mail to all Greek soldiers.

Algeria – Unable to overrun the cadre of the 15th Panzer, a push is made by
motorised units to take Blide and Boufarik. In doing so another supply
depot is seized and the last Axis AS is captured. The weeping German CinC
is offered a cup of tea and a Tim Tam biscuit by the Allied CinC.

The paratroopers in Setif are flown into Bizerte to man the fort
there. All remaining units in Tunisia are retreated towards the port for a
valiant last stand. Italian infantry once again….. yep, speed bumps by
positioning themselves west of Sousse. The 2nd Pz XX enters Constantine,
making the local mayor take down the bunting and put the fasces back up
again. The 1st CCNN (yep, still one of Mussolini’s bully boys around)
marches to reach Bone, but falls short of it. The 90th Light AA III and 23C
Artillery III sets up its defences in Philippville. The 90th PG XX breaks
down into sub-units to hold the line of prepared forts around Bougie and
Bordj bou Arreridj. Unfortunately it is now clear to the German CinC that
the withdrawal should have been made a month ago. Oh well, c’est la guerre
de papier. Retreating from the maelstrom in the west, the 131 Centauro XX
and 164 LA cadre try and reach the line but fall short.