Still the Allied commander refuses to attack. Supplies build up at
Aghelia and the DAF flies into to just behind the frontline. In Algeria the
British force commander reorganises some of his tank formations, making them
more powerful and able to take the fight to the Germans.

The 90th Light XX forms up, as does the 164th Inf XX. Most units
in Algeria are in position to recommence the offensive, with supplies
positioned behind the line. In Libya the Aghelia line is as strong as it
will ever be.

Aug II 1942

Algeria – The Scotsmen of the 51st Highland XX disembark at Oran and rail
their way to the frontline, along with supplies brought in at Algiers. An
attack is launched against the 15th Pz by French and British units but the
Germans are too well dug in and force the Allies back beyond their start
lines. (3:1, various modifiers, = AR) The German CinC is most pleased.

Libya – The final confrontation begins with a massive air battle over the
front. Allied airpower is overwhelming and chases most Axis aircraft from
the skies. The few that do get through are butchered by the new AA units
attached to the frontline. This air dominance gives sufficient strength to
the Allies to inflict serious losses on the defenders, although the
attackers do lose a few troops and tanks. (4:1, -1 fort, = EX)

In the follow up to the battle, Armoured forces swing south past the defence
line to outflank the Axis line.

Libya – A counter attack is swift and fierce, ordered in by the CinC who
demands his lines remain inviolate. The Armoured units of the British are
the target, sitting deep in the heart of the Axis locations. All mechanised
forces swoop onto them and attack them from the north. The battles are
heavy and results in a bloody exchange of casualties. (3:1 +3 AECA, -4 ATEC
= EX) Following this battle the remaining Axis units reoccupy their
positions on the main defence line, leaving a pathetic British Armoured
Cadre behind amongst the smoking burnt out ruins several British tank units.

Algeria – German and Italian Infantry attack into the Atlas mountains using
overwhelming numbers to destroy the Alger XX. (5:1, -2 mtn = DH) The 90th
Light exploits through to seize Bougie with some attached Hvy AA, the
northern coast of Algeria suddenly looks shaky for the Allies.