Sep I

British: Scanning the skies fearfully, the allies remain in position at Alamein.

Iran – The 9th Lt Arm X surprises everyone by attacking and nearly destroying an Iranian Corp. (1:1 +2 AECA = DH). Remaining Iranian XX flees into the hills but the rapidly approaching Polish Mtn X will mean they are unlikely to delay the British advance for long. In the south, Australian and Indian forces overrun the 6th Iranian XX just north of Ahwaz allowing a SA Lt arm II to race through the mountains to hold the north end of the mountain pass leading to the plains and Teheran. Right in front of them is the 1st Lt Arm X from Teheran which was on its way to join the 6th XX. The Shah is reported to be very angry. So angry he surrenders!

Axis: The loss of the Iranians is another (inevitable) blow. But fearing nothing but defeat itself, and galvanised by a stern letter from Il Duce, the Italian CinC launches the second battle of Alamein. Massive dogfights break out over the frontline. The Axis attack is powerful but the mixed bag of Aussies, Indians and South Africans hold out (4:1 -1 = DR). The reason for the ferocious attack is soon clear as parachutes are spotted over Damietta as two Para IIIs land, seizing the city. Over Port Said, glider-borne soldiers of the 16/22 III land, overrunning the ME Commando unit (which has been sitting here looking pretty for quite a while). The Special Operations Forces have shown their hand and the drive is on to seize the Delta. The long range of the operation (from Rhodes and Crete) has severely limited initial commitment, but there are few forces available to stop them in the Delta without stripping the Alamein line………. At Bengasi troops of the 2nd and 5th Pz XXs land, unaffected by the British, although the HQ of the 5th and one Mot III is returned to Italy. Over Malta, 4 hits are made for the loss of one Ju 88 to AA fire.

Sep II

Allied – The 1st Tk X rails down from Palestine to Ismaila and joins in with a couple of artillery and rear area units in attempting to block in the paratroopers. Australian forces sail from Iran and Iraq to Port Suez to join in the effort. At Alamein, the line is drawn back onto the second line of forts on the town itself. No attacks are made on the Axis.

Axis – Massive airbattles occur again over the Alamein battlefield as another effort is made to break the line. Unfortunately the vital Ju 87s are beaten back by relentless SAAF and RAF air power. Curse those Hurricanes! The loss is heavy to Allied fighters however (3 Fighters Killed). On the ground, the 10th Army and DAK are exhausted by the dogged defence and make no progress. (2:1 = AS). From Crete and Rhodes, more airborne troops are flown in with Mansura taken by the glorious paratroopers and Rosetta seized by another airborne landing by the 3/7 and 1st St.