“Dear Il Duce,

As requested, I have invaded Egypt and continue to punish the impudent British for not liking us. Fancy not realising we too deserve a North African Empire – even at their expense!!!!

There has been a slight hiccup in operations, mainly due to poor showing by the rabble I was forced to leave behind during my tactical redeployment from Sidi Barrani and the treacherous British attack on Tobruk and Bardia. I assure you it is almost impossible to fight a campaign in such trying conditions when the enemy refuses to let his intentions be known. Thankfully the replacements you have so wisely sent to me has redressed the balance, and allowed me to win the strategically brilliant battle of Barce and I am now driving forcefully to Tobruk and the border again and expect to be in Cairo within two months.

The news from the Levant is good as this will surely draw off some British troops during my triumphant drive to the Nile. The Germans have had less success in Iraq, but then we know what they’re like when it comes to diplomacy….

The Germans currently under my command have played some small part in my victory over the British last month, it would be churlish of me not to recognise their contribution, but they are soooo boorish – always wanting to attack, training and planning, leaving no time for enjoyment. Please don’t send anymore or they’ll want to actually participate in my staff conferences!

I will write soon outlining my triumphs in your name in Egypt. Tell Duc d’Aosta I’ll be there soon.

Fondest regards to Clara,

Marshall Roberto.”