Mar I

British – Reinforcements form up in the Delta, the NZ 2nd at Port Said, the Australian 7th at Alexandria and the Poles in Haifa. The MNDBO is sent to Tobruk and there is a general shuffling of units around Barce and Mechili on preparation for expected troop withdrawals to Greece.

Italian – The HQ of the 21st Pz XX is returned by Malta based forces to Europe. Other Axis reinforcements arrive in North Africa and are shuttled by coastal steamer to Bengasi or begin marching up the long road of the Gulf of Sirte.

Mar II

British – Troops for Greece are removed, leaving a sad pathetic number of stacks on the board. CinC Middle east begins a telegram war with Whitehall and the War Office, all to no avail. A shuffling of stacks continues as the desperate British try and organise a cohesive defence line. Bengasi is again the target of the RAF, but the strong AA in the city returns one Blenheim to base while the desperate crews of the remaining bombers drop their loads accurately onto the port facilities, damaging them further, hopefully soon this annoying life line for the 10th Army and attached Germans will be broken.

Italian – The 21 Pz HQ arrives in Bengasi. In consultation with the CinC 10th Army, the Axis forces advance to contact the British, putting pressure on them and limiting their movement points available. A plan so cunning that painting it red would make it a fox is obviously germinating in the fertile mind of the Italian commander.