Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

A bombardment of Corregidor occurs – no damage results and the Imperial commander decides that this is a waste of time and doesn’t bother with the island for the next few weeks.

Three attacks are launched on the mountain redoubt, Lucena and Matbaun. At Matbaun the defence is thrashed and destroyed although some IJA losses occur (2:1 = HX). At Lucena the defenders are roughly handled and bundled out due to armoured superiority (2:1 + 1 AECA = DH). The survivors fall back toBurgos. These battles surround the retreat zones of the mountain redoubt and the Lt Mtn units easily dispose of the 11th XX and 41st cdr (3:1 -1 mtn = DR). MacArthur receives notice of his dismissal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff – he ignores it.


Res Pt spent at Corregidor, several units rebuilt (US and F) and sent to new defence line north and north east of Lopez where they meet forces falling back from the Lucena-Matbaun debacle. Mechanised units and assorted IIs and IIIs begin to form up behind the Bicol River 64 miles west of Legaspi.