Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – R & Calm

4th XX arrives at Iloilo, Negros and Panay pacification completed. 48/2 For and 48/47 IIIs reform and the Baseforce at Digos moves to Iloilo.

In Mindanao, the unsupplied Japanese 38th XX attacks the F 102 [III] and only succeed in forcing it back (3:1 = DR). 1/Sas attacks the 148th Art III at Cotablato but is ineffective (2:1 = AS).

In Borneo, taking advantage of the fact that the NBV has positioned itself in terrain that adjoins the sea (hex 0427), the A1 with NGS attacks and drives the NBV back deeper into the hinterland (3:1 = DR)

Cruisers Nachi and Myoko position themselves off the coast of Mindanao to intercept Merch 1 and 4 should they try to make a run with the US Artillery units trying to escape Mindanao.

In the exploitation phase, a single res Pt at Dipolog is captured by the Japanese.


At Dadiangas the US 147th Art III embarks on Merch 4 and tries to slip past the Nachi but is spotted at Cruiser range and sunk very quickly. All hands are lost.

Cebu City – an attack is launched to try and clear the island of IJA forces but fails to have any impact (2:1 = AS).

The PT-2 flotilla rebases to Lucena.

Elsewhere all is quiet and MacArthur passes the time by issuing press statements.