More air strikes are launched on the USAAF airbases and strips in Luzon – Filipino P-35s and US P-40Es operating out of Vigan and Baguio try to intercept but are turned back by Zero escorts. Over Clark Airfield 5 squadrons of P-40s rise up to attack the IJN bombers but escorting Zero aircraft slice their way through the Americans – 4 squadrons are killed to the shock of MacArthur who blubs in his bunker on Corregidor. One Betty is aborted by the single surviving P-40. AA fails agin and one hit is scored on a B-17 squadron.

The main invasion fleet sets off from Formosa, skirting to the west of Luzon to avoid the sub packs to arrive off the coast at Iba. recognising the gap in his defences, MacArthur throws all his airpower at the fleet. The massed squadrons easily spot the fleet (it was big enough!). A PBY-5 is killed by carrier based Petes flying off the S Maru which is in turn hit by the remaining PBY-5, causing the Petes to crash into the ocean with their carrier on fire and adrift. Despite this success, all other bombing fails and the landings are made fairly successfully – heavy equipment and all. Again no damage occurs to the LCs – making MacArthur sweat as the Imperial reserve arrives in Formosa.

Laoag is captured by the 2 Sasebo II marching along the coast. Elsewhere in the north of the island IJA aircraft arrive at the captured airstrips.

Mindanao – the Kure SNLF Regt and 16th Lt XX land unopposed at Digos south of Davao and push inland. A Baseforce is set up at the small town.

Cebu – the 56/146 Regt advances to just south of the city, probing the Filipino militia positions. Another carrier aircraft strike is made on the USN units in the city’s port – intercepting P-40Bs and Es shot down the Jakes and Nells into the eliminated box. MacArthur is ecstatic, sending off press reports to the US, the IJN fleet air commander commits hari kari, as is proper in these sorts of circumstances.


Artillery points are spent upgrading a couple of Filipino Inf Gun units and the Philippine Scout Division is broken up and reconverted into the 12th Division. These units take up positions north of Clark Airfield where numerous Filipino units prepare to defend against the Japanese army around Iba. The 14th Armoured PG Division forms up fully and looks very threatening to the 2nd Formosan Regt and attached Paratroopers. The local Japanese commander begins to worry…… A motorised Engineer Battalion and attached Artillery battalion leave the 14th and scuttle westwards to help support the Filipino battalions defending Vigan.

Off the coast of Corregidor, the USS Houston and DD flotilla join the USN PT and destroyer and three Sub flotillas off Subic Bay.

Mindanao – 200th Art III and 41/185 and 41/162 Inf IIIs march south via the road towards Digos. The 47th Construction II and 148 Art II fall back to the rice paddies across the river from Dulawan. Strange “clucking” noises on Japanese radio messages are intercepted by MacArthur’s signal intelligence network. This early form of Psycholoical Warfare has no effect on his demeanour.