S,M,M,M & C,C

Axis Player Turn

The big thaw hits the region. Allanurti falls to an attack by 2 Soviet XXs
and a NKVD III (6:1 -4 = DR). At Joensuu, the British forces in Finland
(5th XX cadre, Scots Guards and 51st Artillery) hold off two Soviet Corps
courtesy of the melted river.

At 4717, wading through the mud and rain, over six divisions with attached
engineers, armour and artillery are slaughtered by the defending Finns (AE
result). Stalin is devastated. A bright spot in his day is the destruction
of the cadred remnants of the British 42nd EL XX and Finnish 6th XX (5:1 -3
= EX)

In Denmark, a couple of German units are rebuilt and head towards the battle
line in the Jutland Peninsular.

Allied Player Turn

French units arrive to take up positions south of Lake Simpele to back up
the Finns holding forward areas. The French are joined by the Vickers tanks
of the 1st Armoured battalion.

The UVV and LVV are intercepted and interned by the Germans enroute to
Finland. This doesn’t trouble the Finns overly, much to the annoyance of
Uncle Joe.