I have never thrown such rubbish dice in any game I have played before –
honest! Most of the time all I needed was to roll 4+ on a dice to get an EX
or HX result which would have hurt the Finns enough to allow a break in
their lines and allow me to use my superior numbers effectively. On average
my die rolls were 1 or 2 – not good when modifiers are -2 at least. Even in
Sweden and Denmark I was ineffective, especially the horrific AR result in
Feb II which destroyed nearly half of available German land units.

In retrospect I should have held off German intervention until April or May,
but I when saw snake eyes for Allied intervention followed by double sixes
totally freaked me out and I took the earliest oppurtunity to get across the
Baltic – just like any decent paranoid dictator would do in a similar
position. The Fort in 4717 never had a die roll higher than 3 against it
and the arrival (albeit spasmodically due to the Allies sending troops off
into Denmark) of British and French units in Finland meant I was never able
to effectively break through the Finnish lines.

As to Denmark I am still in shock. I can’t believe I could destroy a
handful of garish yellow counters – unsupplied and unsupported – the Govt
escaped me twice and the recapture of Aarhus and the sudden arrival of mud
(preventing the 14th Motorised MG II capturing Thyboron and thus giving the
Allies an open door) really put a kink in the Third Reichs plans. 4 Hour
War my foot!

These are my excuses – the only one I haven’t included is the possibility I
might be a crap player, but I prefer to blame the dice and the cardboard 8-)

Cheers – Bob