The German High command has decided that Moscow holds the key to the whole Soviet defence. Capture of the capital will not only strike a blow politicaly and economicaly but this vital communications hub affers an excellent springboard for any mopping up operations in 1942.

Moscow is also the Key to the Soviets second major city. A defence of Leningrad is untenable if Moscow falls.

Accordingly the orders are as follows:

AGN: Will advance with infantry element along the Baltic coast to protect the flanks of AGC. Mobile elements will facilitate initial breakthroughs but switch to Aid of AG Center at the first viable moment.. Minimal forces will screen Leningrad.

 AGC to advance along the Moscow highway. Mobile elements will stay focused.  Units will only stray south of the headwaters of the Dnieper south of Smolensk for local tactical advantage. The minimal of motorised forces will be detached north and south of this line essential to trap retreating frontier forces.

AGS: Will advance directly on Kiev and storm the city by direct assault. Once secured the advance is to continue along the line Kursk, Voronezh. Capturing the rail hub beyond and screening AGC from the south. From here the force will split;  half turning North to Moscow and half south, swinging behind Kharkov to Mariopol.

11th Army: will initially move NE towards Kiev trapping the Lvov forces  from escape then turning south into the Dneiper bend and the Crimea.

Army Norway. Will advance to secure Petsamo and hold fast.