“Georgie, you filthy swine go and loosen your bowels over the side not in the dug-out.”

“What! and let some fascist put a hole in my head while I’m squatting for the motherland!”. Anyway it smells better than you, you lice infected dog!.

 “Now then boys save your anger for the Rumanians – they will be coming soon, and take this”.

“Sargent what do we do with this? eat it or throw it at the fascists; it’s hard enough!.

“Be grateful for what you’ve got, it’s all that there is…. and clear that stinking mess up –now!”

Odessa The supplies delivered by the fleet are insufficient for the troops defending the perimeter. Dysentery and malnutrition sweep the ranks and claim 4 divisions and 5 support units; almost half of the entire garrison!

Moscow: Newly raised Guard units rush to contain the German breach in the line north of Moscow. The soviets evacuate the fort line south of the lakes which is almost surrounded leaving a minimal garrison to staunch the flow of German infantry reaching the front. The main line is reformed east of the river.

Elsewhere; The line is organised and reinforced with newly arriving troops and the gap between Voronezh and Satlino starts to solidify. The stay behind garrison at Bryansk is thinned as the demand for troops at the main line becomes paramount.

Soviet aircraft fly defensive support up and down the line.

The Soviets hold their breath, awaiting the expected assault south of Moscow – and those who still do; pray for rain.