Finland: The soviets shuffle troop to cover the right flank, but do not engage the Fins.

Leningrad: The Leningrad Mech Reserve Corps moves to the Valdai to stop any German attempt to swing north. The only Mech remaining in the Leningrad area is the as yet uncommitted 10th Mech Corps at Vipurii.

Moscow Highway: The northern shoulder of the  German breakthrough stands firm, meanwhile the Mech Units concentrated around Vitebsk swing 180and, with forces from the  Smolensk reserve  and long range bombers out of Moscow, engage the  16th panzer and cadre it, isolating the 7th pz 30 miles inside the front line. Infantry and  artillery take up the fortified position in the  Vitebsk/Orsha area to deny the advancing Infantry passage.  The Soviets between here and Kiev hearing reports of German breakthroughs to the north and south flee east leaving token forces holding the river line and concentrated at choke points.

Kiev: With no hope of a breakout or relief from the East soviet forces at Kiev concentrate in the inner defences. However in an attempt to hinder the Axis advance the Mech concentration west of Kiev strikes north cadreing a 6-10 motorised division and eliminating support troops with it. East of the Dnieper a scratch infantry force with help from the Cherkassy Crossing defenders finds a weak spot in the ring and retreats a lone Motorised regiment establishing a tenuous supply line to the city and eastern defensive ring.

Oddessa: The line south of Kiev shatters with troops in full flight. Those that can fall back on Odessa do so to try to defend the city. Some attempt a feeble counterstroke against the 6-10 Motorised division at 2109 but are easily driven off.

Western Approaches: A lone Militia unit breaks the tenuous blockade around Minsk and briefly re-establishes supply. The Bialystok pocket still desperately tries to breakout but the 7-6 infantry division assaulted holds fast.

TOTAL losses Jul II 1941

Soviet: Unisolated 34, Isolated 79,  2 fortified area, 2 Fighter squadrons.

Axis 16 including 1xPz XX and 1x, Mot XX cadred.