The Belgian Army relieves the French at Dunkerque while the BEF relieves the French at Arras, allowing the French 5th Army to defend Lille and Lens. More Corps entrench along the defensive line. The French 5th Corps is left to defend Verdun while the other French troops withdraw to the main defensive line.

The French decline to attack near Verdun at a 6:1 -4 on the Mobile CRT but do attack on a 6:1 -3 near Reims. This attack goes home and forces the German 4th Hv Cav Corps to pull back behind the main German line. This eliminates the thrust towards the Marne that has been the cause of so much combat over the past few turns. Neither side suffered any casualties in the combat.

The German 1st Army reacts and stages another assault on Lille. The attack results in light casualties on both sides. The German Fal/A Army reacts and attacks Verdun with a much bloodier result, but the French hold on to Verdun. Total losses are 43 French Metropolitan Manpower and 18 Equipment points for the Entente. The Central Powers lost 32 German Manpower, 8 Bavarian Manpower, and 17 Equipment point losses.

Tom: I decided I could no longer hold onto Verdun, it was getting too dangerous. Lille is still too valuable to lose and I have given as much of the line to the British and Belgian armies as possible to strengthen my defense of Lille. The elimination of that thrust near Reims has stabilized that section of my line. I think I will end up withdrawing further in the Verdun area, but the rest of the line should be fairly stable now. Hopefully, winter will be here next turn and it will be too costly to attack on the Positional CRT for the CP to gain much more ground. Resource points for both of us are getting to be real slim.

The German 5th Army completes its isolation of Verdun. Resource points are shifted to the Verdun and Lille areas and attacks are launched at each. The French are very bloodied in both battles but manage to hold on to the fortifications.

The Central Powers lose 30 German Manpower and 13 Equipment points. Entente losses include 9 Equipment Points lost in isolation, 23 French Metropolitan Manpower, 2 French Colonial Manpower, 4 French Foreign Manpower, and 14 Equipment points. The losses also reduce the German NW level to 4.

The Entente is able to react with his armies in the Verdun area and reorganize a better defensive line. Everywhere else along the line is reorganized for better defense.

Carl: Lille is not falling very fast, nor is it in danger of falling right away. It is, however, a good place to bleed the French more since the French cannot afford to lose the city, factory, or railroad benefit. Verdun should fall next turn, allowing me to consolidate in that area and go on the defensive everywhere but near Lille. The lack of resource points are becoming a major issue for both of us. I may not be able to assault Lille until the new year, depending on the weather and resource point availability. Overall, I am pleased with my current status and I will begin to repair the factories and resource centers I have captured as soon as I can.