Allied Surprise Dec I 40:  The Allies called up the TF to attack Sidi Barani along with the Indian 4th Division (assembled per 43.D.2.a) and the British tank battalion.  An armor brigade and the SG infiltrated to 19A:0619 (due to Italian reduced ZOCs per Errata), thus isolating both Italian forward stacks (1/2 strength per Rule 41.B.1.b), and with the other armor brigade and artillery brigade from the south attacked hex 19A:0719.  Both Italian stacks were eliminated.

Allied Regular Dec I 40:  The Allies eliminated the Italian stacks in 19A:0520, 19A:0219, 18A:5018.  During the exploitation phase the components of the 7th Armor Division and the artillery brigade (on the transport counter) overran Tobruch, eliminating not only the two artillery units but also the not-yet-activated garrison units.  One armor brigade occupied Tobruch while the rest of the overrunning force exploited back east to maintain the isolation of Italian forces.

Axis Dec I 40:  All Italian units east of Tobruch were unsupplied and isolated (1/4 attack), and by being isolated were also demoralized (1/2 attack again, 1/2 movement).  The Italians west of Tobruch admin-moved back to Bengasi.

Allied Dec II 40:  The Allies eliminated 2 Italian divisions and a construction unit and reduced the Italians to just the stack in Bardia.  British bombers inflicted 2 hits on the deserted port of Derna.  During the exploitation phase the 7th Armor division moved west to Agedabia.

Axis Dec II 40:  The Italians shipped an artillery regiment, a para-infantry unit, and a tank battalion from Bengasi back to Tripoli.