Europa Games and Military History

Month: July 2000

September 1938

Sep I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

A Nationalist CR 32 is rebuilt and the 1 Sor XX converts into 19 XX. There are no good prospects currently for a counterattack so the Rebels concentrate on patching up the front.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is closed again. The other SB-2 is rebuilt. The success in taking Almendralejo is followed up by an attack on 21 XX and supporting units to the east (hex 2721). With the 2nd SB-2 back in service, the Loyalists are now able to fly in DAS, which contrbutes the the easy capture of the position, with the supporting units sacrificing themselves to allow the division to escape (5:1 -1 = DH).

Sep II 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Nationalist R0-37 is rebuilt. As Don Benito is now nearly surrounded, the difficult decision is made to abandon it and fall back on Merida itse

Loyalist Player Turn.

An R-Z is rebuilt. Don Benito is occupied and attacks are launched on the 21 & 19 XX’s (hex 2621). This time, both sides get close air support, but the Loyalists are able to push forward (4:1 0 = DR).

April 1942

Well, mud made it’s sticky was back to most of the front and the Germans launch another HUGE airraid on Leningrad. This time, the Soviets kill 4 planes and abort 9 more, but they lose a CL and a CA leaving only two CA in the Baltic fleet. For the turn the Russians lose 31 points and the Germans lose 8. The Russian offensive did continue near Moscow and got a security brigade to sit on the norhtern supply line for Army Group Center.

August 1938

Aug I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 1 Av XX converts to the 20 XX. An air raid on Madrid goes badly as an I-16 manages to get past an escorting Me109B and kill a Ju 52. In eastern Andulasia, all units are now in the new defensive line in the mountains.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is opened. An I-15 is rebuilt. The 3 Est XXX is attacked (hex 2821). A successful attack will allow Loyalist forces to exert a ZOC on a stretch of the Sevilla-Caceres-Salamanca rail line. The Rebels again fly in DAS, which gets thru, though an I-16 does abort an escorting Nat CR.32. The Rebels give way with surprisingly little fight (3:1 0 = HX); even better from the Republican perspective, none of the divisions in 3 Ext XXX have cadres and all are eliminated

Aug II 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 1 Mad XX converts to 17 XX. Studying the map, the Rebel command notices that as long they control Merida, Loyalist units in Extramadura will have supply problems once bad weather hits. Therefore, the order goes out that Merida must be held. It’s decided that the best way to hold Merida is to hold Don Benito. Therefore, Insurgent movements this turn are directed to this goal, more so than eliminating the threat to the high-volume rail line to the south around 2821.

Loyalist Player Turn.

The French border reopens. An SB-2 is rebuilt; the PA air force has finally gotten all its available fighters back in service and is now able to start reforming its bomber force. The Insurgents have garrisoned Don Benito too strongly for it to be attacked at this time; instead the Peoples Army decides to take Almendralejo (hex 2722) to the west first. This battle is unusual in a couple aspects: niether side has any close air support, and the defenders are capable of AECD due to the presence of 2 lt arm III’s. The armor is unable to prevent the loss of the town (4:1 -1 = HX).

Generalstab Update, 22.7.2000

My first server crash! Yeah! After 5 years of computing I finally lost some data – funny enough because of our first try in running an alledgedly stable Linux-Server. Well, you live, you learn. In the meantime I managed to improve the layout. Most pages come in tables now wich improves readability, and the images fit a bit better I think. Additioally, an article by Roger Clewley on the Italians in North Africa has arrived, and maybe I can get his permission to add some more in the near future.

July 1938

Jul I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 2 Mad XX converts to the 18 XX. The withdraw in Andulasia continues; many units there have still not gained the safety of the mountains. The failed Loyalist attack on the 14 XX has left some of their forces in an exposed position (hex 2820) and an attack on them is considered but declined. The Insurgents have plenty of supply available at the front now, but are hesitant to risk any losses because they will be unable to easily replace any lost artillery.

Loyalist Turn.

An I-15 is rebuilt. The forces in the south continue to advance to occupy territory abandoned by the Rebels but don’t do anything to hurry them along. It is decided to make 1 strong attack instead of 2 weak ones. The 55 XX (+) (hex 2920) is selected as the target. The division has some armor support in the form of the Dro II, but not enough to achieve AECD. The Rebels do manage to get DAS thru again, and again an I-15 avoids the escorts only to be shot down by a unit in the mission force, in this case the Nat Mxd B. With greater strength on the ground, the Loyalists manage to carry the position in a hard fight (4:1 0 = EX).

Jul II 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

Some precious artillery is used to upgrade the 3 Sor XX to the 50 XX. The withdraw continues on the right flank.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is closed. An I-15 is rebuilt. Almeria is retaken as its Civil Guard is overrun. Following up on the attack earlier in the month, the 54 XX (hex 2921) is attacked. This time, the air battle which results is unusually bloody. An I-15 kills a Mxd A unit but is itself aborted, while the Nationalist’s other Mxd A is killed by an I-16. Some DAS still gets thru, however, but it is not enough to allow the 54 XX to hold out (4:1 – 1 = EX). There was a bit of extra attack supply available, enough to allow another attack on the 21 XX (+) (hex 3019), although only a fraction of the attack force was fully supplied. In the end, it was just enough to let the Republicans carry the position (3:1 0 = EX).

June 1938

Jun I 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Atlantic is experiencing rough weather.

It’s also a rough time for the Insurgents, who aren’t able to do much but patch the front lines together. The artillery shortage is threatening to become critical, as several divisions exist only at cadre or unsupported strength and are being held out of line pending the arrival of more guns to equip them with. There is no shortage of men to rebuild units with, but if losses continue, it is feared it will become necessary to send divisions to the front without artillery support.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is closed again. An I-15 is again rebuilt. Attacks continue south of the Guadiana. The 14 XX and supporting units (hex 3019) are pushed back (4:1 0 = DR) while 60 XX and some non-divisionals (hex 2820), despite presence of DAS not made availabe to 14 XX, are wiped out in a bloody battle (3:1 -1 = EX).

Jun II 38

Insurgent Player Turn.

The losses sustain in the first part of the month and the shortage of artillery make it necessary to shorten the front. A pullback in eastern Andulasia is reluctanly authorized. The new line will be in easily defended mountain terrain east of Granada. Some other minor adjustments are made further north. Unfortunately, it will take some time for all units to reach the new positions.

Loyalist Turn.

The French border is reopened. An I-15 is rebuilt. An attack on the 10 Cor XXX at Don Benito (hex 2720) brings on another air battle. The Loyalists are again unable to prevert Insurgent DAS from getting thru. Even more embarrassingly, a Nationalist Mxd A units manages to abort an intercepting I-15 that managed to get past the escorts. On the ground, the Rebels stiffen and hold the town (2:1 0 = AS). The Republicans are unwilling to forgo further attacks, feeling to do so would stop the momentum they had enjoyed earlier in the month. Therefore, an attack is ordered on the 14 XX and some non-divisionals (hex 3020) despite the lack of any more attack supply. The attack is a complete failure, as the Loyalists troops break and take heavy losses when their ammo runs out (2:1 -1 = AH). In Andulasia, the Loyalist troops (mostly Anarchist units) follow the Rebel withdrawl, but don’t make any attempt to disrupt their retreat.

March 1942

Mar I 42

An EX near Leningrad and some loses near Moscow push the total on this turn to 34 for the axis and 49 for the Russians. The Germans are picking up hexes just south of Leningrad, but the Russians don’t really seem to care.

Mar II 42

Another EX near Leningrad makes the totals for the turn 18 for the axis and 28 for the Russians. But, there was a HUGE German airraid on the soviet fleet in Leningrad where three German bombers were shot down and about 7 were aborted. The result was sinking the two Soviet battleships (that already had 2 points each on them) and wounding the light cruiser. The German attitude was “hey, we can’t use our planes for much during the snow/mud, but they’ll all come back by the time the weather clears.”