Designers Notes:

Here is the long awaited revised setup for MTV, AUG II 14. The revision concerns the issues of German deployment (especially) as a result of their attack on Liege during the AUG I 14 turn. It was planned to revised the OB years ago but time just slipped away! I have been working on TGW & Glory intensely (Europa too) for some years now, and have built quite the inventory of materials. Due to recent discussions on the topic concering the lack of vigor in the German drive into France, I have moved forward on the issue. Believe it or not, AEG and I have discussed possible solutions for years. I had hoped that he would of addressed the issues officially but he seems always distracted by other considerations. As a result of his (HMS) lack of activity, I will do my best to provide support to those that have interest in both TGW & Glory. “March to Victory” is one of the battle scenarios developed throughout the design process for TGW.

Battle of Liege

(The Great War Battle Scenario One)
Special Rules:
1-No river effects AUG I 14, and German attacks receive a +1 during the Schlieffen Plan (new).
2-Triple any Belgian RE losses for the purposes of Morale Losses (R15D) during AUG I 14.

AUG I 14

Initial Phase-mobilization Pt-II, Units Red Eff.
Movement Phase– mobilization.
Combat Phase– mobilization.
Reaction Phase– mobilization, Units Red Eff. [See R41BBB9e; the rule is used here as part of the mobilization effects)
Exploitation Phase– mobilization.

Initial Phase-mobilization Pt-II, Units Red Eff, except “Army of the Meuse”. “Army of the Meuse” is fully mobilized; it may move and attack Liege, and any hex adjacent to Liege.

Movement Phase– mobilization. “Army of the Meuse” moves adjacent to Liege: the 34th Bde and 2 Hv Cav Corps enter Viviers (GW2:1116); the 11th & 14th Bdes enter Verviers (GW2:1216); the 38th & 43rd Bdes enter hex (GW2:1216). The 420A siege art unit moves into Verviers (GW2:1216). The 34th Bde and 2 Hv Cav Corps cross the river and enter hex (GW2:1016).

Combat Phase– mobilization. The 11th, 14th, 27th & 34th Bdes and the 38th & 43rd Bdes from the southeast, along with the 420A siege art unit (4pts x4), attack Liege [one Rsc Pt is expended]. One type Z air unit provides GS.
Reaction Phase– mobilization, Units Red Eff. The check for Reaction (use leader) and succeed, and withdraw the Belgian 3rd Div to hex (GW2:0918) and the 15th Bde to Namur.

Exploitation Phase– mobilization.

Changes: to German OB AUG II 14: Historical:
A) 1st Army & 2nd Army Setup:
Move to the Breakdown Box –
3×16-18-5* Rifle XX…6,7,18
1×15-16-18* Rifle XX…14
2×10-12-5* Rifle XX…2GR,22R
B) Add to Setup:
*Place the following units with the 1st Army – 2×7-9-5* Rifle X…11/6, 12/6; 2×7-9-5* Rifle X…13/7, 14/7; 2×7-9-5* Rifle X…34/18, 36/18; 2×4-6-5* Rifle X…43R/22R, 44R/22R; and the 22ndArmy – 1×7-9-5* Rifle X…27/14 & 1×6-7-5* Rifle X…28/14; 2×4-6-5* Rifle X…26R/2GR, 38R/2GR.
*Place 1×8-2-4 Hv Siege Art [II]…420A (KLM) with 1st Army.
*Place 1x Hv Cav Corps HQ…2 & 2×10-6-7* Cav XX…2, 4 & the 1×3-4-7 Jgr III…6 with the 1st Army.
*Place 1×10-6-7* Hv Cav XX…9 with the 2nd Army.

Liege Special Assault Force.

Army of the Meuse (Otto vEmmich):
1x Hv Cav XXX HQ…2
3×10-6-7* Hv Cav XX…2, 4, 9
DN: The 9th Cav Div (2 Cav Corps) operated to the southwest of Liege, and was moving on Huy. Following the attacks on Liege, the 2nd Cav Corps attacked Hasselt where the Belgian 1st Cav Div & 8th Mxt Bde were deployed. A large portion of the Belgian Army & its GHQ were in the Gete area (west of Hasselt) at the time. Meanwhile the 9th Cav Div assisted the crossing of the Meuse at Huy by the 2nd Army. O the 18th of August the King ordered a general withdrawal to Antwerp.
4×7-9-5* Rifle X…11/6, 14/7, 27/14, 34/18
2×4-6-5* Rifle X…38R/2GR, 43R/22R
1×3-4-7 Jgr III…6 {7, 9 btn}
1×8-2-4 Hv Siege Art [II]…420A (KLM)
1×7-9-5 Hv Art III…{4 or 9}
DN: This represents the heavy artillery that might have been attached (or released) to the assault. It contained the 210mm (Morser) as well as the standard hv art. I cannot confirm that there were any independent hv art bttys, so this unit might not be there. There were however 150mm bttys from the parent divs operating with the brigades, but how many in total? However, Ludendorf himself had taken command of a 150mm section on two occasions (27 Bde).
1x 1 Z 4 1-2/12*…L7

Breakdown Box.
4×16-18-5* Rifle XX…6, 7, 14, 18
2×10-12-5* Rifle XX…2GR, 22R

Frontier Force:
Liege (GW2:1117):
1×3-5-4* Fort [XX]…LieT
4×2-3-5* Rifle X (Red Eff)…9Bru/3, 11Has/3, 12Lie/3, 14Lie
1×5-3-0 Hv Art [X]…3Fr
Hex (GW2:1118):
1×2-3-5* Rifle X (Red Eff)…15Char/4

Breakdown Box.
1×6-9-5* Rifle XX…3Lie


Hex (GW2:1016):
1x Hv Cav XXX HQ…2
1×10-6-7* Hv Cav XX…4
1×3-4-5* Rem (7-9-5*)…34/18
1×3-4-7 Jgr III…6 {7, 9 btn}
Hex (GW2:1017):
1×10-6-7* Hv Cav XX…2
Hexes, Verviers (GW2:116) and/or (GW2:1216):
3×7-9-5* Rifle X…11/6, 14/7, 27/14
Note: German player is eligible for R15G in the Liege hex.
Verviers (GW2:1116):
1×8-2-4 Hv Siege [II]…420A (KLM)
Rail hit
Hex (GW2:1217):
1×10-6-7* Hv Cav XX 9
1×4-6-5* Rifle X…43R/22R
Hex (GW:1216):
1×1-2-5* Rem (4-6-5*)…38R/2GR
Note: A Rem is a ½ RE unit.

Special Note: Reduce Belgian Morale Points by 7 points.
Frontier Force:
Gete (GW2:0918):
2×2-3-5* Rifle X…9Bru/3, 12Lie/3
Liege (GW2:1117):
1×1-2-4* Fort Cadre (3-5-4*)…LieT
1×2-3-5* Rifle X (Red Eff)… 14Lie
Namur (GW2:1019):
1×2-3-5* Rifle X (Red Eff)…15Char/4

Replacement Pool.
1×2-3-5* Rifle X…11/3
1×5-3-0 Hv Art [X]…3Fr

Campaign Notes:

6-7 August.
2 & 4 Cav Div moved into Vise then crossed to the north near Lixhe and skirmished with the Belgian 12R of the 12 Bde – which then withdrew into the fortress area. The two divisions (along with the 7 & 9 Jgr btns) moved around the northern side of the Liege Fortress in order to isolate it.
34th Bde occupies Vise (Verviers hex), crosses the Meuse, and moves south; attacks the fortress at Mermee, and along a front of Prealle/Herstal. A group enters Liege but is repulsed, and fire from Ft Liers & Pontisse force a retirement to Lixhe (Meuse R). The Bde later entered Liege late on the 7th. [1180 cas.]
27th Bde advances south of Vise and reaches Argenteau where it comes under fire from Ft Barchon. The Bde moves further south but is repulsed and retires to Argenteau. Meanwhile a fighting column (cav) had advance towards Ft Barchin on its east side but withdrew to Battice when word reached it that its Bde had withdrawn. The Bde entered Liege late on the 7th.
11th Bde attacking from the southeast towards St Hadelin & Magnee. An attack on Romsee was successful (Bel 14R) but all advances stop after the attack; a retirement to Magnee was then carried out. The Bde entered Liege late on the 7th.[cas. ?]
14th Bde (with Ludendorf) Advanced to Retinne (cmdr wounded) and Ludendorf takes command. On the 7th the Bde advanced and then reaches Liege (believing that Liege’s bridges across he Meuse were underdefended), securing the bridges with Regiment 27 and the town.
38th Bde attacked into Boncelles but Ft Boncelles forced the Bde to move to the NW. The 38th Bde continued attacking but withdrew to Lince on the 7th. [cas ?]
43rd started in reserve but join the attack latter on the 6th. It then participated with the 38Th Bde in its attacks and movements thru the 7th. [cas ?]

8-16 August.
7-11th Bde takes up defense position west of Liege. The 14th and 27th Bdes also move into the Liege positions. Fort Barcheron capitulates. The 34th Bde takes up positions at Lixhe.
7 thru 10-The 38th & 43 Bdes withdraw to Theux.
Note: The Belgian 3rd Div {9, 11, 12 Bdes} withdraws by the 7th to Gete.
8-The VII, IX and X crossed Belgian border.
10/11-The IX Corps moves to capture Ft Liers, Pontisse, Evegnee, and Fleron. The VII and X Corps move to capture Ft Chaudfontaine and Embourg.
12-The IX captures Ft Evegnee and Ft Pontisse surrenders after a bombardment with 380mm (AH) and 420mm (Ge) siege howizters (heavy siege).
14-Ft Liers and Ft Fleron surrender after a heavy siege bombardment.
15 thru 17-The western forts are taken-surrender.
16-Ft Hollogne and Ft Flemalle surrender after a short bombardment.
17-The German 1st, 2nd, 3rd Armies commence operations.
Note: The Germans found 17 locomotives crashed together at Verviers.
18-The 2 & 4 Cav Div attack towards Hasselt – on a line Budingen to Diest, but were halted after the Belgian 1st Cav Div was reinforced by the 8 Mxt Bde