Hello everyone,

thank you for your continued interest in my little project, even if I haven’t updated in a while. The Pandemic, while so far having spared family and friends, keeps my busy with school closings and home office, cooking and organizing. So although Ken has faithfully plodded on with his monumental “Scorched Earth” report, I haven’t managed to put any of his postings online yet. All the more new reading to be expected after the summer break!

I already called the anniversary last December, but found the time to go through my old stuff recently. It seems that this domain went online on July 15th, 2000, which means the Generalstab today officially celebrates its 20th birthday! Yay to the Europa-Community, and thank you all again for your continued interest, support, articles, comments and game reports. I cannot possibly name everyone that made this site possible – as I said often enough YOU wrote all those pages, I merely collected them and make them look pretty. So three cheers for Europa, and now back to the dugout, waiting for “Total War”.

P.S: I Hope it is in everyones interest that I won’t illustrate this post with any German soldiers celebrating.