Initial Phase: The weather is mud in Zones D and E.

Following Franco’s final refusal to join the Axis, a German Army is deployed to southwest France to prepare for the invasion of Spain. 3 Panzer divisions, 20 Infantry divisions, 2 air transportable divisions and associated support units arrive. Numerous Luftwaffe assets arrive and are deployed at the limited available airbases.

Movement Phase: The German forces organise into Corps as follows:

15 Mountain Corps (2029)

  • 2nd & 3rd Mountain XXs
  • 98th Mountain III
  • 402nd Bicycle II
  • 4th RR Engineer III
  • 16th Construction Engineer III

25 Corps (1824)

  • 3rd & 4th Panzer XXs
  • 133rd mot Heavy Antiaircraft II
  • 185th & 210th Assault Gun IIs
  • 559th mot Antitank II

33 Corps (Bayonne)

  • TK SS Motorised Infantry XX
  • 7th Panzer XX
  • 151st mot AA II
  • 616th & 643rd mot Antitank IIs
  • 1st RR Engineer III

34 Corps (2030)

  • 6th Panzer XX
  • 20th Motorised Infantry XX
  • 88th & II/36 mot Heavy AA IIs
  • GD Motorised Infantry III

53 Corps (2131)

  • 5th, 6th & 87th Infantry XXs
  • 517th Combat Engineer III
  • 610th & 782nd Artillery IIIs

62 Corps (1724)

  • 28th, 34th & 35th Infantry XXs
  • 512th Combat Engineer III
  • 608th mot Artillery III
  • 609th Artillery III

63 Corps (2028)

  • 52nd, 57th & 78th Infantry XXs
  • 603rd & 783rd Artillery IIIs
  • 814th Siege Artillery III
  • 604th Combat Engineer III

64 Corps (2130)

  • 17th, 24th & 267th Infantry XXs
  • 800th & 815th Siege Artillery IIs
  • 84th Siege Artillery III

65 Corps (1725)

  • 8th, 12th & 251st Infantry XXs
  • 667th Combat Engineer III
  • 624th & 641t Siege Artillery IIs

108th Construction Engineer III

66 Corps

  • 256th, 263rd & Pol (SS) Infantry XXs
  • 519th Combat Engineer III
  • 110th & 613 mot Artillery IIIs

Other deployment


  • 11th Infantry XX
  • 676th, 681st, 679th & 725th LR Artillery IIs
  • 7th Construction Engineer III


  • 71st Construction Engineer III


  • 7th Airborne XX
  • 22nd Air Landing XX

Air movement – The multitude of new air units has overwhelmed the available airfields in France. Anti-shipping Ju88s are rebased at La Rochelle and St Nazaire. Bordeaux becomes the base for 6 Ju52s, while 2 surplus Ju52s and a DFS230 glider are forced into overstack at Nantes. Also at Nantes are 4 He 111s. Short ranged Ju87s and Me109s transfer into the temporary airfields close to Bayonne, although some remain stationed near Bordeaux. Long range Me110 fighters are also in the Bordeaux area.

Combat Phase: Since combat operations have not commenced, no activity.

Exploitation Phase: No activity