The Europa Magazine #84 - Cover

The Europa Magazine #84 – Cover

(Vol.XV, No.2, 2003)


  • “Company Briefing: The Europa Community News” (Commentary) Carl Kleihege
  • “From the Editor: Australians and War in Real Time” (Editorial) James A. Broshot
  • “Passing of the Old Guard: Gary Stagliano – In Memoriam” (Obituary) John Astell
  • “At the Movies: Australians at War in the Movies” (Historical) Michael J. Tapner & Robert S. Williams
  • “Playtest Reports: An Aussie Total War Playtest, Part I” (Series Replay) Michael J. Tapner (Total War)
  • “Historical Background: The “First” Australian Imperial Force” (Historical) Michael J. Tapner
  • The Great War Times – A Preview of Things to Come: The Road to Jerusalem” (Scenarios/Contest)  E. Goodwin (Over There)
  • “Historical Background: The “Second” AIF in the European Theatre of Operations” (Historical) Michael J. Tapner
  • “Unusual Units: The Imperial Camel Corps” (Historical) Steven M. Becker
  • “A Glory Micro-Mini Naval Scenario: The Duel: HMAS Sydney versus HSK 8 Kormoran” (Scenarios) Michael J. Tapner and Alan Philson (with assistance from James A. Broshot) (The Damned Die Hard)
  • “Australians in Action: A Tale of Two Sydney’s – The RAN in the Wars” (Historical) Michael J. Tapner
  • “Orders of Battle: Captured French AFVs in Axis Service” (Historical) Stefan Farrelly
  • “Battlefield Report: Playing the Italo-Greek War using Supply Points” (Variant/Series Replay) Dean Moon (with assistance from  E. Goodwin) (Balkan Front)
  • The Great War Times – Battlefield Report: Home Before Christmas – The Over There Version” (Series Replay) Ken Hutchens (Over There)
  • Europa Aloft: The First of the Last of the Hawks: The P-40 Tomahawk” (Historical) James A. Broshot
  • “The Reader Always gets the Last Word: EXchange” (Commentary) Readership