Jun I 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

Most units lost in recent fighting are rebuilt, but the artillery shortage means that most divisions are at either cadre or unsupported strength.

Units north and west of Soria pull back a bit, trying to cover the hole in the line left by the loss of the fort at 2306. To the north, the CTV and a Nationalist XXX launch a spoiling attack on a Loyalist XXX. Large air battles develop as both sides call in air support. A Loyalist I-15 flying a patrol attack against an Italian CR.32 is aborted. In air combat, another Italian CR.32 aborts a Loyalist A-101 but is killed by return fire. All this adds up to a waste of aircraft and aircrew as the Loyalist withdraw from the battlefield in good order and the Insurgents decline to pursue (3:1 0 = DR).

Loyalist Player Turn.

The Gijon factory, damaged in the battles there at the start of the rebellion, is finally back in production. The 45th (Int) XX is formed, partly with PA troops, and the I-15 is rebuilt.
In the north, the 7th (Ast) XX slips thru the mountains to hex 1507. It will be out of supply and exposed but its presence west of the mountains will stretch the Rebel lines.

On the Miranda de Ebro front, only 1 attack is launched as the reinforced 52nd XX is attacked in its new position (hex 1905). This time, the attack comes off in nearly textbook fashion (4:1 0 = DE).
On the Soria front, a weak Nationalist position in the mountains (hex 2105) is attacked from 4 sides. Even though the defenders are very exposed, the difficult terrain allows them to take some of their attackers with them (5:1 -2 = HX). To the west, the weak Nationalist 5 Ara XXX is cut off but not attacked.

Jun II 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

The CR.32 is rebuilt. The 52nd XX is rebuilt but without artillery.

It is necessary to shift troops from the center of the main line to cover the deteriorating situation on the flanks. In a general reshuffling of the line, the CTV moves to Burgos and several divisions are sent to deal with the impudent Asturian XX at 1507. Once again, both sides call on their air forces for support. A CR.32 is again killed, this time by an R-5, as the Loyalist air force continues to give an unexpectedly good account of itself. On the ground, the attack on the Asturians is also a disappointment (4:1 -1 = AS) as more supply is burnt up without any reward.

To the south, the 5 Ara XXX manages to re-establish tenuous contact with the main line. To the west, some units north of the Cordillera Central pull back in order to shorten the line and shift to the east.

Loyalist Player Turn.

The A-101 is rebuilt and the 46Ch XX is formed.

More air battles erupt as both air forces continue to consentrate on direct support of the ground troops. Another CR.32 is shot up as it is aborted during a patrol attack on the pesky R-5. The surviving Italian fighter pilots are quick to point out that this time it was a Nationalist CR.32 unit with Spanish pilots.

The Loyalists are still unable to attack on the Santander front. They do pull the unsupplied 7th (Ast) XX back into the mountains and relieve it with the 4th (San) XX.

On the Soria fornt, an attack on the 5 Ara XXX (at hex 2206) is forgone in order to attack the 2nd (Req) XX and supporting units to the north (hex 2107). The Carlists are destroyed at some cost (4:1 0 = HX). The victorious PA units decline to occupy the battleground after bagging the division, but the 5 Ara XXX is again cut off. Further west, units move cautiously to follow the Insurgent withdraw. There is no need to advance too far here since to do so would stretch out supply lines too far.

In the center, there is a return to the familiar pattern of two attacks. Two XXX’s launch a direct attack on Burgos, now held by the CVT. This is a calculated risk, as the attack will be iffy, but success will deprive the Insurgents of 3 divisions plus strong supporting units, as intelligence has indicated that replacements for the Interventionist forces are minimal. However, the attack fizzles (2:1 0 = AS). To the northeast(hex 1705), 2 PA XXX’s and a Santandero XXX attack the Nationalist 11th XX, a couple of Mixed X’s and some Italian non-divisionals, who manage to withdraw in good order (4:1 0 = DR). People’s Army high command begins to join their Rebel counterparts in worrying about burning up too much supply.