I Jan 1941

Significant forces arrive via Aquaba to support the Palestinian Guard, which is bolstering its line on the Egyptian border. With a bit of supply an armored force breaks into Palestine and isolates much of the PG’s line (4:1; +3AECA: DE). The pesky armor west of the Nile is finally eliminated as the supply situation is gently being curtailed (11:1; -3 AECD: DE).

II Jan 1941

The line falls back to stay in supply and communications with Haifa. The first Allied counterattack of the campaign pushes back a Libyan Division with arty support (2:1; +3 AECA, -1 ATEC: DR).
The Italians break the center of the PG’s line, this time surrounding the most powerful contingent of the PG’s line, a heavily armored force carrying supply on the Mediterranean coast (4:1; +3 AECA, -1 ATEC: DE). The Italians surrounding the British are unsupported to the north and northeast.