Turn Report

Weather: No Change (Snow in A, Mud in Zone C & D, clear in G)

Army of Norway: No activity.

AGN: German reserves are drained releasing a total of 6 rebuilt 5-7-6 infantry divisions. 5 are allocated to this sector of the front and take up position along the fortified line previously prepared by combat engineers behind the Neman river.  Meanwhile strong panzer forces bar the way of the main Soviet thrust SW from Riga to buy time for the infantry to fall back and join their comrades manning the fortified line.

North of the Minsk the three Isolated Panzer divisions manage to exfiltrate through the loose Soviet containment without combat.

AGC: A relatively quiet sector of the front as the Soviet forces here are thin and suffering supply difficulties however just North of Kiev difficult terrain and the appalling ground conditions result in a gap between two powerful Panzer divisions being filled by a mixed collection of hastily assembled combat engineers with a single stud battalion for company. They are all that are available to hold a 16-mile section of front.

AGS: The majority of the Axis forces are now well ensconced within their fortified positions behind the Dnieper River awaiting the onslaught from the Soviet armies ranged against them. The Poltava pocket contracts and attempts to move southwest but barely make 15 miles a day progress against the mud and Soviet units pressing down upon them.

In the Crimea Axis forces realise that the situation is now hopeless and move North to try and breakout of the trap set by the landing of the Soviet Marines and Paratroopers. They attack the paratroopers at the crossroads who comprise 2 x 2-5 Guards units and 1-2-6 standard Paratrooper unit. The Guards are disrupted following their landing, so the attackers achieve a 9 to 1 odds, eliminate the opposition, and advance north.

Air Combat: The air bridge to Kharkov continues with the Ju 52 escorted by Fokker Wolf 190s. Most interceptors are swept aside but one “Auntie” is returned damaged. Nevertheless, sufficient supplies are delivered to the beleaguered city.

An attempt to provide air cover over the Poltava pocket is intercepted by a group of three Yak fighters who penetrate the escort screen and return the Luftwaffe bombers and assault bombers without loss to themselves.

Combat report

Attacks = 1.
Losses; Soviet = 5 (Isolated).  Axis; Air = 1.