The weather is still mud. The Entente begin to reorganize the French defensive line. The Italians begin to redirect their attacks on the Austrians, moving some units from the 1st and 3rd Armies to reinforce the main thrust by the 2nd Army on Trient. The 4th Army shifts into a defensive mode to hold their positions.

The Italians decide not to attack Trient after all and there are no attacks.

The Central Powers fail to react.

Tom: This is the first turn we have played after our holiday break. It may take a short while to get back into the game and the thinking, but it was a good place to stop for a while. The Italians just do not have the supplies for a sustained offensive at this time and the odds really stink around Trient. I will have to shift the emphasis to the 3rd Army and try to cut the supply line.

The Central Powers do some small scale reorganization of their armies. Very little else occurs while the Austrians reoccupy Villach and entrench at Triest.

Carl: A shortage of equipment points is slowing down the reorganization of the German armies. The Austrians have a strong position and will sit in it for as long as the Italians will let them. The starting back up of the game has had some effect on this turn’s inaction. However, I think the lack of supply has a much greater effect. It will be a few game months before the next heavy offensive, at least on the Central Powers side.