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Generalstab Updates, 25.2.2004

I’ve filled the gaps in Alan Tibbetts Second Front game report and put up a few more turns, other than that real-life keeps me to busy I’m afraid.

Generalstab Updates, 4.1.2004

To begin the new year I’ve cleaned up some areas of the archive and asked by mail for some more game reports, which will be put online as they arrive. Alan Tibbetts report has been completed into the Fall of ’44, and I’ve fixed the missing images from the german glossary. More to come, as usual :-)

Generalstab Updates, 16.6.2003

Apart from some minor repair I’ve done there’s new stuff in the Zentralabteilung. Unfortunately, the small glossary I’ve written is intended to trranslate into German some of the stranger terms from the Europa-Community, so it will be of little use to you English-speaking folks. Still it was lots of more work than I exprected.

Other than that, I am working on updating the neglected link-list and commenting the more interesting of them. And then there’s still this article on the Spanish Civil War, half ready… Oh well, the world will not end waiting for another half year for my wisdom to spread, right?

Oh, and lest I forget: I’ve taken a look on my providers statistics, and they say the Generalstab has app. 350 hits per month. Even if I attribute two thirds of them to myself and some robots, thats still more than I thought. And its only the redirection that they’re counting, I have to ask my university wether they keep track of the hits I’m receiving there – which would be the more interesting data.

Generalstab Updates, 12.2.2003

The Kriegsarchiv keeps growing, the newest two additions beeing two WOR-Reports (from the Glory-Series), submitted by Robert Williams and Dean T. Moon, both of whom I’d like to express my gratitude here for their well-written and enjoyable reports. Still to come are two more essays for the Kriegsschule, and then I’ll start to clean up in some rather quiet areas of the Generalstab for a while.

Generalstab Updates, 25.1.2003

We continue to expand this website slow but steadily with two new game reports by Robert Williams. Those of you who are members of thee association will already know it from TEM, but I think they still make a worthwhile reading. You’ll find his reports on Balkan Front and Storm over Scandinavia in the Kriegsarchiv. Additionally, work on the german Generalstab-FAQ continues, and I’ve started a small Glossary to explain game-terms to Newbies, albeit in german. Have fun.

Generalstab Updates, 6.1.2003

Happy New Year to all of you! We’ll start ne next year with the second essay from Alan Tibetts, being a critical biography of Soviet Air Marshall Alexander A. Novikov, responsible for the rebuilding of the Soviet air force in the most critical time of the Great Patriotic War. More stuff will be coming soon, as the crew slowly recovers from this years celebrations :-)

Generalstab Updates, 27.12.2002

Finally I found some time to convert the first of Alan Tibbetts esseys into HTML, and so you can view Parachuting the Netherlands in the Kriegsschule now. I’ve yet got to improve the text flow, but this has to wait another day, I’m afraid, it took me long enough to figure out how to make the maps pop up.
Additionally, I’ve continued Alans game report, stretching to April ’44 by now.

Generalstab Updates, 27.11.2002

No big deal today, I’ve added some turns to Alan Tibets game report in the Archive

Generalstab Updates, 16.10.2002

Oh well, after some while I again found time to dip into my mailbox and come out with some more material. While some articles are still in the pipeline, Generalstab proudly presents a new Second Front Game Report, played and written by Alan Tibbetts, whom we would like to thank at this place for all his efforts.

Generalstab Updates, 24.5.2002

Today the Kriegsschule and the Arsenal changed places or better: swapped their content. I felt the term “War Colledge” better suited to the studys of military history, while the stuff needed to improve game play would better fit into the Arsenal.

Other than that I spent a couple of hours correcting headers and navigation bars. You should now be able to browse thtough the Generalstab without jumping back to the german pages because of faulty navigation buttons all the time. Funny enough nobody ever pointed this out to me, must be because there app. 5 visitors per month, hm? But all this copy and paste made me want a content management system. As most users can now view pages much wider than two years ago a redesign should be coming in autumn.

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