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November 1937

Nov I 37

The weather remains muddy in the north and clear in the south, bu the Atlantic is now stormy and the Med calm.

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 105th XX is formed and the 5th(Req) XX is converted to the 5th XX. The SM-79 is rebuilt.

The front lines are shuffled around somewhat, but no attacks are launched. With the Loyalist air force severely degraded, the Insurgents take a break from bombing airfields to pound the rail marshalling yards at Madrid.

Loyalist Turn.

An I-16 is rebuilt.

With no good opportunity for attacks, the Loyalist command begins to plan the next spring’s campaign. It is decided to make the main effort along the low volume rail line running to Don Benito and Merida. A successful offensive here would cut the Insurgent held area in two. Then, in contrast to the previous year’s plan of focusing on the north, attack will be launched against Cordoba and Jaen. Attacks in the north will be forgone in order to preserves supplies, except that at the far end of the lines, an assault on Oviedo will be attempted if local air superiority can be re-established.

Nov II 37

Insurgent Turn.

The weather stays about the same, except that both sea zones are now rough. The 82nd XX is formed. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th Requeted Divisions are converted to regular Nationalist divisions, and 3 Cav III’s are upgraded to the 1st Cav XX. The Ro-37 is rebuilt.

Not much is happening on the ground. An air raid on Madrid results in the loss of a SM-79, killed by an I-16.

Loyalist Turn.

Another I-16 is rebuilt. Preparations continue for next year’s campaign.

October 1937

Oct I 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Atlantic clears. The Mov XX is converted to the 63rd XX. Another successful air raid on Madrid; bombers destroy an A-101. With the lines to the north stabilized, the units west of Madrid are slightly reinforced and attack more successfully (hex 2415 again), mauling a PA XXX, which did’nt get any ground support this time (5:1 -2 = DH).

Loyalist Player Turn.

The French border is closed again. Enough reserves have been built up to close the gap near Talavera de la Reina, but not enough units reach the area to launch a counter-attack. However, enough supply has been accumulated to attack the 7 Cas XXX at the important rail junction of Palencia. Despite the presence of DAS, the risky attack succeeds at considerable cost (2:1 0 = EX).

Oct II 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

Bad weather returns to the northern half of the Iberian peninsula (Zone D = Mud). Oddly, the Atlantic remains clear, but the Med experiences rough seas. The bad weather causes the Loyalists some supply problems in mountainous areas, but all Insurgent forces are in supply. The 81st XX is upgraded to the 84th.

The gap in the line at Palencia is plugged weakly. It is hoped that the mud will slow down any PA attempt to exploit the situation. Concentration on plugging the hole in the lines to the north forestall any follow-up to the success west of Madrid.

Another successful air raid on Madrid! Escorting Italian CR.32’s abort an I-15, while the bombers destroy a Po.540. The ridicule previously directed at Insurgent air units now seems uncalled for, as the PA air force has been reduced to 2 units. It should be noted however, that several Insurgent air units are still in the replacement boxes.

Loyalist Player Turn.

The French border reopens. The units west of Madrid are still not strong enough or well-supplied enough to counterattack, and the muddy weather prevents any attempt to follow up the success at Palencia.

September 1937

Sep I 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

All 3 CR.32’s are rebuilt, and the mixed “F” XX is formed. An air raid on Santander destroys an R-Z.

Loyalist Player Turn.

The R-Z and an I-15 are rebuilt. In contrast to recent successes in bombing airfield, raids this turn all fail badly. At Oviedo, a Nationalist CR.32 aborts an escorting I-16, and at Vallodolid, an Italian CR.32 aborts an I-15. AA fire at Vallodolid also aborts a SB-2. Both raids fail to score any hits.

Sep II 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Atlantic is rough this turn. The 102nd XX is formed and the 23 Mar X is upgraded to a division. Several other divisions are upgraded or converted to higher strengths (4 Lit to Lit, 1 Cas to 61, 2 Sor to 54, 2 Cas to 62, 6(Req) to 53).

An air raid on Madrid goes very well, as an Italian CR.32 kills an intercepting
I-16 and bombers destroy an R-Z. Troops west of Madrid belatedly launch their diversonary attack (hex 2415), but don’t accomplish much, partly due to Loyalist DAS, partly due to attacking a fortified position (4:1 -2 = AS).

Loyalist Player Turn.

The French border is reopened. An I-15 is rebuilt. An air raid on Oviedo gets mixed results. An escorting I-15 kill a Nationalist CR.32, but AA fire aborts an R-Z. (I realized about this time that I had forgotten the air replacement limits and rebuilt 2 PA air units the last turn. It didn’t really have any effect, since if I had only rebuilt 1 it would have been the I-15, and the R-Z was shot down again by flak before it ever took part in air combat or scored any bombing hits.)

August 1937

Aug I 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 3 PN XX and some non-divisional CVT units are rebuilt. The success of the PA in attacking with out attack supply has convinced the Insurgents that they must establish a shorter, more defensible front line. It is not clear how far to pull back. Eventually, a limited withdrawl to the line hex 1606-Valladolid-Medina del Campo-Adaja River is decided on. This will only marginally shorten the line but will put a fair portion of it behind rivers. Also, all front-line units will be able to reach this line this turn, which would not be true with a deeper withdrawl.

Loyalist Player Turn.

An I-15 is rebuilt. Some new supply is recieved. An air raid on Oveido manages to destroy a CVT SM-79 on the ground. A raid on Vallodolid is also successful, destroying a Nationalist Ro-37.

The arrival of new supply allows 3 attacks to be launched. The 3rd XX is attacked successfully (hex 1907) (4:1 0 =HX). Just to the south (hex 2007), DAS is unable to prevent the 1 Mad XXX from being pushed back; worse, Loyalist troops advancing after their successful attack on the 3rd XX manage to cut off most of the corps retreat (3:1 0 = DR) (ZOC kill: 83rd XX and non-divisional eliminated, 52nd XX cadred). DAS also fails to prevent a successful attack on the 7 Cas XXX (hex 1707) ( 4:1 0 = HX). These attacks do burn up all the attack supply recieved this turn.

Note: Many of the attacks made in the game have been made with only part of the units involved being in attack supply. The Loyalist attacks in late July are the only large battles in which the attacker has been entirely without attack supply. (Some small battles against single regiments or cities defended solely by their intrinsic garrisons haven’t given any need for the burning of attack supply.)

Aug II 37

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 152nd XX is formed. The front line is patched as well as possible, basically by pulling the section between Vallodolid and the Cordillera Santabrica back slightly.

Loyalist Player Turn.

An air raid on Vallodolid destroys the Mxt T unit on the ground. There is no more attack supply and no longer any good opportunities to launch any attacks without it.

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