Mar I 42

An EX near Leningrad and some loses near Moscow push the total on this turn to 34 for the axis and 49 for the Russians. The Germans are picking up hexes just south of Leningrad, but the Russians don’t really seem to care.

Mar II 42

Another EX near Leningrad makes the totals for the turn 18 for the axis and 28 for the Russians. But, there was a HUGE German airraid on the soviet fleet in Leningrad where three German bombers were shot down and about 7 were aborted. The result was sinking the two Soviet battleships (that already had 2 points each on them) and wounding the light cruiser. The German attitude was “hey, we can’t use our planes for much during the snow/mud, but they’ll all come back by the time the weather clears.”