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May I 1918

The May I turn started off so well for the French as the Germans failed to score one hit on them. Loss of German elite airunits is now beyond a joke. Over the course of the game only 1 has ever returned to base.

Germans made up for the misdemeanor in their own turn though. 4 attacks, none higher than 3:1 killed 350 points of French for the loss of only 47 Germans. The constant positive die roll mods that the Germans get is proving to be unstoppable. I am open to any suggestions as French morale is now 25 and is falling very fast.

Apr II 1918

French morale has plummeted to 47, Germans are down to 180. British morale also took a pummeling after rolling an AX with 334 attack factors. The Portuguese and Italians are now looking rock solid with morale levels of 2.

The only thing growing is the dead pile, with the first arrivals of 2 German artillery divisions.

Foch & Hindendorf/Ludenburg have both gone off map and are sitting down together playing ‘Rock, Scissors, Paper’ while they wait for their respective armies to be redeployed.

Apart from that the Germans have just breeched the Marne. All quiet on the Italian front as this is being stripped of resource points to support the main drive against the French.

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