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Generalstab Updates, 25.4.2001

Hello folks! Well, a new essay is up in the Kriegsarsenal, Glen Davis has contributed his history of the “Nisei” – US-born Japanese Soldiers in the US Army”. A topic I especially enjoyed as I rarely have the opportunity to read much about the war in the Pacific, and even more fascinating was the opportunity for me look at it from such an (from the german perspective) foreign point of view.

Generalstab Updates, 22.4.2001

Well, for all the mailing I did for the Generalstab, I failed to write something into the News Section until today. The most important News is that the Generalstab is no longer a one-man-show. Fron now on, Kurt Schletter will take over the game reports (the running games are to move into the HQ), Glen Davis will provide some more Essays and game reports, and Moon will keep you informed about progress on the Europasee-project.

Even more stuff comming up, and I hope we’ll be able to put some life into the rather dead parts of the Generalstab like the Welcome page, the Kriegsschule and the HQ. Stay tuned.

Generalstab Updates, 4.3.2001

Here we go again, with four new articles on the Italian Army in World War II in the “Kriegsschule” as well as two new game reports in the Archive. I’m pretty pleased with the amount of material coming in I can say. Unfortunatly my knowledge in PHP is still not good enough to present any new developments of the military History Database, but I’ll keep working on it.

Generalstab Updates, 16.1.2001

Happy New Year to whoever may read this :-) Haven’t been able to care for the Generalstab for quite a while, and any improvements in navigation are still only a couple of scribbled notes on my table here. However, we’ve got a new game up and running in the Kriegsarchiv, Brian O’Connell returns to Spain in an attempt to overthrow the Loyalist government… have a look.

Generalstab Update, 3.8.2000

More stuff pouring into the Generalstab, I sincerely am looking someon to help prepare the material! Another full-fledged Second-Front-report kiwi style by Phil Mason has arrived, as well as additional chapters from the ongoing “Fight against Fascism” by Robert Williams. In preperation due to demand: The first Europa-Howto, written by Phil Mason and Derek Cassidy.

Generalstab Update, 22.7.2000

My first server crash! Yeah! After 5 years of computing I finally lost some data – funny enough because of our first try in running an alledgedly stable Linux-Server. Well, you live, you learn. In the meantime I managed to improve the layout. Most pages come in tables now wich improves readability, and the images fit a bit better I think. Additioally, an article by Roger Clewley on the Italians in North Africa has arrived, and maybe I can get his permission to add some more in the near future.

Generalstab Update, 21.5.2000

Back from vacation in Brest (France). The Baby-Grand-Scenario” from Robert Williams keeps growing, totay I’ve upped the first four months of ’44. Check it out in the Archive.

Additionally a minor adjustment in the header size should give a more elegant look, despite this there’s much to do regarding design.

Generalstab Update, 12.4.2000

The last part of Bob Williams Game Report on “The Damned Die Hard” went online today, together with minor improments in the site structure and some small navigation helps. No big deal yet, still didn’t find the time to convert all the stuff into tables.

Aug 1943 Special


Troops are rushed down from central and northern Italy to block off the British threat, thankfully harrassment causes them to arrive strung out and unable to do little than contain the beachhead from the north. The Panzers at Messina cross to the main land and begin to pull out to the north, again delayed by allied air power. Italians are rushed to try and block the British from the south while a couple of pathetic AA units remain holding the Messina strait.


The British try and cut the toe off but are rebuffed by Italian defenders (damn their eyes!) and the US crosses over from Sicily, destroying the Italian defenders. The Near east and Middle east boxes are emptied of most troops who reform in North Africa. This puts the wind up the German CinC who spends some time looking at Spain. At Corsica, the all expenses paid holiday continues with the British actually shipping units off the island. (Admittedly for some French units, but as any good englishman will tell you they’re not really the same calibre). A couple of cowering coastal divisions in the corner of Sicily around Syracuse are ignored by the all conquering Americans.

Generalstab Update, 18.2.2000

The last missing turn of Freds FWTBT-game report has now gome online, thanks to Fred, who mailed the missing turn to me. I’ve added another game report by Robert Williams as well. Currently there are no new updates in the pipeline, other that I’m going to do a little restructuring like putting all of the pages into tables to enhance navigation.

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