To provide a vehicle for publication of news about Europa upcoming releases, background, and scenarios for various games, GDW established the Europa Newsletter in 1976. Promoted through GDW catalogs and flyers, it asked for an order blank to be submitted and in return provided a free 4-issue subscription.

At the end of the first four issues, the newsletter turned into Grenadier Magazine, which covered a broader range of game subjects (and not just GDW publications). Ultimately, the Grenadier was acquired by Jeff Tibbetts.

  • Issue 1. May 1976. Edited by Paul R. Banner. 4 pages.
    Circulation 1069.
    Contents included Operation Taifun: The German March on Leningrad and Moscow (a DNO scenario), and a Europa parts and price list.
  • Issue 2. August 1976. Edited by Paul R. Banner. 8 pages.
    Circulation 1736.
    Contents included Eastern Front Air Orders of Battle, Operation Platinfuchs: The Assault on Murmansk, a list of the first 50 purchasers of DNO, and various reviews and editorials.
  • Issue 3. March 1977. Edited by Scott Renner. 8 pages.
    Circulation 2407.
    The major article was Germany’s East Front Allies: Italy (by Franklyn G. Prieskop).
  • Issue 4. October 1977. Edited by Scott Renner. 8 pages.
    Circulation 2807.
    Articles included Germany’s East Front Allies: Slovakia (by Franklyn G. Prieskop) and Operation Weserubung (a scenario for Narvik at the Europa level).