Cover Art from Over There

Cover Art from Over There

A game in the Great War series. "Over There" expands the previous game March To Victory and covers the 1917-18 campaigns on the Western Front (France and Italy) during World War One, plus the campaigns in Africa from 1914-1918 and a hypothetical 2nd Mexican-American War arising from Pershing’s Expedition.

Designed by A. E. Goodwin and Eric Pierce, published by Games Research/Design  in 2000

Game Components

  • 13 countersheets (3640 counters)
  • Twelve 15"x11" map sections
  • 410 pages of Order of Battle info covering 1914-1919.
  • 20 scenarios (including, The Nivelle Offensive (1917), Caporetto (1917), The Peace Offensive (1918), Black Autumn (1918), Victory in the West (1918), And the War Goes On (1919), The End of the Affair (1917-1920), The Boer Revolt, Cameroon (1914-1917), Askari! (1914-1919), Pershings Expedition (1916-17), and Sands of the Sahara (1914-1920).

Game Reports

Over There No 1: Michael Tapner and Robert Walker took on a breathless "1918" scenario from Over There that kept getting more exiting and in the end hung on several critical dice roles, each of which could have decided the game.

Over There No 2. These are the "DJ05"-reports of the still ongoing Full Campaign game of MTV/OT started by Todd E. Jahnke in 2004.

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