Axis side is played by the team of Brian O’Connell (BF area, air & navy CC and overall CINC, Dean Moon (East Africa and Near East if it becomes active prior to the DAK reaching it <laffs> & Sam Dahman (North Africa).  The Allied side consists of Glenn Davis (in his role as Wavell himself), Dave Chandler (Balkans), Jim Broshot (East Africa) and John Pasco (Western Desert).  Game is being played via JET PBEM style.

The late Fred Helfferich had been on the Axis team prior to the actual game start, as the projected EA commander.  Brian O’Connell was to act as the CINC and take care of air, while Dean was going to be the Balkan commander.  After Fred’s unfortunate passing, Dean took over the EA area and I picked up the Balkans since they are a fairly short campaign given the whole length of the game.

The following rules are in effect:

Advanced Rules

3D7 – Central Med reduction – Yes
5B3-4 – Ownership – Yes
7B2/37J3 – Fair weather roads – Yes
12JC1d – Axis standard supply terminals – No
12D3-4 – Minimal/Automatic attack supply – Yes
13C – Retreats & Overruns – Yes
14A1e-j – Advanced construction – Yes
15C5 – Commonwealth Breakdowns – Yes
17F – Unprepared airbases – No
20G2k – River transport marshalling yards – Yes
20G3 – Minimal air support – Yes
22C – Harassment abatement – No
25C6-7 – ARP limits/accumulation – No
25C8 – ARP transfer – No
25E – Air unit deactivation – Yes
31A6 – Concealed cargo- No
34C – Nile river mov’t – Yes
36D2 – Desert Storms, temp airfields – Yes
37C2c – Kufra – Yes
37E4 – Forming/replacement pools – Yes
37K – Inter-Allied cooperation – No
38B1 – British/commonwealth op area – Yes
38B3 – Australian preservation – Yes
38B4 – Special assy/breakdown combos – Yes

Turn Reports

  • Oct II 1940 Axis Player Turn - Setup I’ll cover this information as each section of the game opens up, but since for the moment the action is limited to the Balkans, we shall start there. The modified rules for setting up the Greek forces are used (those pertinent to using the Balkan map overlay, which is being used in this game.)  […]
  • NOV I 1940 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather is automatically clear throughout the Balkans area of operations by rule.  Reinforcements show up per the OB, predominately Greek XX’s going full strength or arriving in toto, while various other cavalry and artillery regiments also mobilize.  In Egypt, the British 14th Inf X, a position AA unit and some Blen 1’s prepare […]
  • NOV I 1940 Axis Player Turn - Initial Phase A 6 is rolled for the weather, turning both D & E zones to quagmires of mud and the Med into rough.  The Dodecanese go U-2 black, while Kerkyra and the Kalpaki pocket remain U-1 red.  All British units in Greece go U-1 black since there is no Allied standard supply terminal in […]
  • NOV II 1940 Allied Player Turn - Initial Phase Weather:  Weather rolls of 1 for land and 3 for the Med see mud remain in zone D, clearing in E, while the Med stays calm. All Axis units are in supply other than those on Rhodes.  Greek units on Kerkyra and in the Kalpaki pocket are U-2 red.  The Khania static X […]
  • NOV II 1940 Allied Player Turn - Initial Phase Rhodes goes to U-3 black, the Kalpaki pocket & Kerkyra are U-2 red.  British units (the X up in the Metaxas line and the pos AA in Athenai) are U-2 black, but go into special supply by using GSPs generated from the Greek restricted full supply sources.  All Italian ground reinforcements arrive at […]
  • DEC I 1940 Allied player “Compass” surprise turn - North African/Near East set up: For the Axis, things are basically set out on a hex by hex basis.  There is very little variability allowed for our side.  In the Levant, we run a sort of in-house TEM contest to come up with the best possible position focused on trying to make overruns difficult or […]
  • DEC I 1940 – Allied Player Turn - Initial Phase Axis spies get word that two special operations are in planning on the Allied side, one in the EA area and one that is probably in the BF area.  I cast about for possible targets and figure the sneaky Brits may be trying something in the Dodecannese.  We’ll have to see about that.  […]
  • DEC I 1940 – Axis Player Turn - Initial Phase In the Balkans an SM.79-I withdraws but a much better tactical Ju87B/R arrives.  Two inf pts, one mtn & one armor also arrive.  2 ARPs are spent to return the Mxd F to Rhodes and a previously aborted SM.81.  We review the situation in the East Africa area and believe there is a […]
  • DEC II 1940 – Allied Player Turn - Initial Phase Weather:  A 2 is rolled for weather in the north, so D stays muddy and E goes clear.  That will help the Axis in bombing Malta, moving in the hump and may help out quite a bit in the Balkan area on defense.  Hopefully it will go muddy again before the Allies get […]
  • DEC II 1940 – Axis Player Turn - Initial Phase Axis units on Rhodes remain U-4, while the stack in Egouminitsa goes U-1, isolated.  Over on Kerkyra, the Greek 10th Inf III remains U-4 isolated so it makes a surrender check.  A 1 is rolled and the Greek 10th joins other units in the dead pool.  In the EA area, 9 RE’s of […]
  • JAN I 1941 Allied Player Turn - Initial Phase Weather:  Weather rolls result in winter arriving in D, mud in E, and clear in the rest except for mud around the Lake Victoria area.  The Med and Red Sea are clear but the Indian Ocean goes rough. El Kaid, the Allied East African CC cancels his planned special operation and plans a […]
  • JAN I 1940 Axis Player Turn - Initial Phase Not wishing to be outdone by the Allies, we publish our own special op as well (so there!)  Axis units in East Africa are at U-4 except those around Mogadiscio and Chisimaio, where a/s points were converted to GSPs in our last turn.  They didn’t get to use them in defense since El […]
  • JAN II 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  A 1 is rolled in Europe, resulting in a ‘no change’ in D (which stays winter), but a dry spell in E as things go from mud to clear.  This could complicate things in Greece for me, since the Greeks could manage to launch two attacks vice just one now that the […]
  • JAN II 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase No big political items occur at the beginning of the turn.  In supply issues, the Dodecanese remain U-4 except for the recently arrived C Inf III.  East Africa remains U-4, although quite a few units go into supply thanks to 2 a/s points that were turned into GSPs last turn, then distributed about […]
  • FEB I 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather: Weather patterns return to normal in Europe, as the E zone shifts back to mud while D remains ensconced in wintery blows (3 rolled.)  Things are dry and calm across the Horn of Africa (1 rolled.)  The Med calms after last turn’s sea swells, but the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf both […]
  • FEB I 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase Nothing political happens during the first part of the phase, so in supply issues Axis forces in the Dodecanese and throughout EA (less one III on Rhodes) are U-4.  Near Afmadu one small stack of troops are isolated by zoc’s and distance, as are some hexes in the far south of Somaliland to […]
  • FEB II 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  A roll of 4 in Europe and North Africa sees the D zone remain wintery and the E zone muddy.  F is clear, while that little bit of G in central Turkey remains frosty.  A 6 in the East African theater mucks things up a bit for the Allies.  H1, the mountain […]
  • FEB II 41 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase All Axis units in the EA area are U-4, though none are isolated so we need make no surrender rolls.  On mainland Greece there are now more Allied RE’s in the Athenai area then there are Greek produced GSPs to feed them, so the Aussie 26th X goes without since it is a […]
  • MAR I 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  A 5 is rolled for Europe and North Africa, so D and E both stay muddy, while F is clear and G remains strangely stuck in a frost.  The 2 in East Africa results in the mud clearing, which should help the Allies a bit.  All sea zone rolls result in clear […]
  • MAR I 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase No real changes in supply status on the Axis side.  We use 12 GSPs at Asmara to supply a goodly number of units in the Cheren-Asmara-Adi Ugri area, plus some over on the coast.  Bunches of Allied units in mainland Greece are out of supply and isolated, but the U-4 ones at least […]
  • MAR II 41 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  Weather rolls in Europe result in continued mud in D but the E zone dries up and goes clear, which should help the Axis out over Malta.  In East Africa, things get wet around Lake Victoria and the areas immediately adjacent (south and western Kenya) going muddy.  All active sea zones are […]
  • MAR II 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase With the possibility of German intervention in the offing, special operations plans are reviewed, defined and planned for possible immediate execution.  First, the previous plan to land at Melos with the Italian ‘C’ Inf III on Scarpanto is cancelled.  Clearly the Allies are wise to a possible attempt to seize the Melosian field.  […]
  • APR I 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  A 1 is rolled in Europe, and a 2 in East Africa, so all but but the Lake Victoria area and a bit of terrain along the southern coast of Kenya go clear, with these last two remaining mud.  Further rolls indicate all sea zones are clear. In supply calcs, for the […]
  • APR I 1941 – Axis Balkan Surprise player turn - Initial Phase The rules appear to stipulate that the initial and movement phases are normal in every respect, except a few exceptions that allow only German units to act in the ini & movement phases, no construction, etc.  This causes some issues, since GSP counts, construction counts & VP accumulation for other theaters would be […]
  • APR I 1941 – Axis regular player turn - Initial Phase Most of the political effects in the early part of the ini phase are now N/A, but the Axis is allowed to start putting pressure on the Leventine Vichy French.  We do so, and Petain takes a hard look at where things stand in Greece and North Africa and quickly caves to Axis […]
  • APR II 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  Weather gets a bit rough, or as rough as it can get given the time of year.  Sixes are rolled for both the European/North African & East African theaters.  The European areas remain clear, but a second roll is made and desert storms turn up.  There are currently 3 unmaintained temp airbases […]
  • APR II 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase The 7/2 Para III at Khania goes undisrupted, bringing back full capabilities on Crete.  The Axis gains 3 VPs for owning Massaua.  One special operation is cancelled, while an additional 6 are planned.  In supply items, for the Axis all units in the Dodecannese are U-4, but those on Scarpanto use 2 GSPs […]
  • MAY I 1941 – Allied player turn - Initial Phase Weather:  Weather rolls result in clear in all European zones, clear in the important East African zones (there is mud in the western portion of East Africa, plus must of Harar province and along a good portion of the Sudan-AOI border) and clear in all sea zones. The first major item in the […]
  • MAY I 1941 – Axis player turn - Initial Phase The Axis gain 3 VPs for owning Massaua.  The Axis are then forced to declare a German withdrawal from the Balkans, as the Greek gov’t has escaped into exile.  This is hardly critical, as the only allied items that remain on the mainland are a pair of fighters in Athenai, both of whom […]