Game Settings

  • Game: Second Front
  • Scenario: Full Campaign Game + House Rules
  • Optional Rules: All used
  • House Rules: Yes, See below
  • Game Played: March 2000 to
  • Game Lengh: turns
  • Game Turns played:
  • Allied Player: Phil Mason
  • Axis Player: Derek Cassidy

House Rules Used

  • Percentage Incremental Odds dice
    Mulligan Chip – for that particularly bad roll of that particularly important combat:
    allows one re-roll, then option reverts to other player
  • Low-odds overruns per TEM 5:
    +1 MovePt to 10:1, -2 column shift with all combat modifiers, except no air or sea support; results stands for defender, but any non-DE result is an HX for the attacker who must halt Psycho SS panzer divisions, per TEM 5:
  • The Axis get an additional +1 to the combat if there are ³ ½ REs of SS c/m units involved (excl artillery). They must take Compulsory Losses. SS also give the NKVD defence result modifiers per Scorched Earth. Partial city hexes of a Multi-hex city only provide an airbase of 3 capacity
  • Cory Manka’s supply system per TEM 53
  • Kammhuber Line:
    All city and port intrinsic FlaK in Germany and the Benelux is counted as Heavy AA. Dutch and Belgian cities & ports are rated at the same intrinsic AA strength as the corresponding values for Greater Germany
  • auto Allied minesweeping
    per John Astell’s recommended amendment – enemy mines are automatically swept in an initial phase if within 5 hexes or less of a friendly port
  • Axis Malta Danger Zone effects – see below
  • Axis big ports’ DZ override smaller Allied ports’ DZ