Turn Report

The Axis response to the Soviet breakthroughs is rapid and decisive with 4 attacks against the major incursions over the river defences or where the Soviets have stuck their necks too far out. The Axis aim to contain or sever the heads from the body of the beast.

Weather Roll: No change so Mud in A and Clear elsewhere.

Army of Norway: The line contracts and moves north one hex along the southern perimeter; Kautokeino is now on the front line.

The situation in the south either side of Kiev in the Axis May II ’44 Initial phase

The situation in the south either side of Kiev in the Axis May II ’44 Initial phase

AGN: Two attacks are mounted in this sector. This army group enjoys the services of the Nebelwerfer Corps which adds a full 22 attack points of AEC Neutral firepower to any armoured attack. They add their strength to an attack against the infantry corps which has crossed the river between Wilno and Kaunas. The defenders are forced to retreat and being surrounded by ZOCs are eliminated. 3×1-6 Guards Infantry Corps cadres being all that remains from this fully stacked force.

Further east the second attack in this sector is against the vanguard of the Soviet penetration West of Minsk where an 11-8 Mech Corps is retreated and again, being surrounded, is forced to cadre.

AGC: Army group centre concentrates its counterattack against the three hex penetration North of Kiev. They strike at the centre of the line of advance completely eliminating 14-8 Guards mechanised unit. A critical component of this attack is that the Guards A20-G DAS unit is aborted by well-aimed anti-aircraft fire from the attackers increasing the odds from the planned 4:1(-1) to a 5:1(-1) attack.

The situation north of Kiev after Axis Exploitation May II ‘44

The situation north of Kiev after Axis Exploitation May II ‘44

Encouraged by the reports of successes to their north Army Group South tries a similar attack against the breakout from Cherkassy attacking a 15-12-8 Guards Tank Corps and its supporting Tank Battalion and 5-8 Cadre. But to their dismay the attack fails to make any headway against the solid wall of Soviet tanks, and they are forced to call off the attack with no result. They desperately redeploy in exploitation to cover the elongated penetration of their lines and contain any Soviet breakout.

All units in the Crimea sector now move North of the Dnieper River abandoning the Fort line linking the South bank to the neck of the Crimean Peninsula. In this they were unnerved by the German infantry division’s forced retreat from part of the fortified line earlier in the month.  Because the peninsular is now evacuated and they are being pressed from the East there seems little point in remaining South of the river.

Air Combat: As reported north of Kiev exchanges of fire between DAS and ground force AA changes the odds to the favour of the attackers. Elsewhere exchanges of fire between DAS and Soviet Interceptors results in both sides suffering two casualties each.

Combat Report

Attacks = 4

Axis = 2 x Air
Soviets = 36, 2x Air.