Turn Report

Weather: Cold winds sweep across the southern deserts bringing an early frost but rain persist in the Crimea while elsewhere remains cold and snowy.

Army of Norway: The German front draws north to fill the gap left by the eliminated mtn Regiment.

AGN: (Baltic coast to Moscow Highway) The policy of minimal retreat continues as units move back to straighten any bulges caused by the Soviet thrusts. 3 forts are abandoned along the Dvina. Outside Riga a reserve strike stack begins forming around an SS Panzer Regiment with rocket accompaniment.

AGC: (Moscow Highway to Kiev): The line is still not continuous at the Eastern edge of the Pripet where the Soviets themselves only have a thin screen of units. The panzers and panzer grenadiers move south where they will be better utilized against the expected Soviet thrusts leaving a collection of cadres and support units to man the line.

AGS: (Kiev to the Sea of Azov/Black Sea): Units continue to fall back to man the Dnieper defences but inevitably some stragglers remain. To the west of Kharkov a corps sized protrusion of Infantry divisions is in danger of being cut off by Soviets drives directly west and a move south from the Kursk/Kiev rail line towards Poltava.

A second large pocket is struggling in its move west from Rostov and is in danger of being trapped in the Mariupol/Taganrog region. Following the Soviet crossing of the Kerch straights escape by sea is no longer an option.

The Crimea is the site of the only Axis attack this turn as the SS 3TK with a 5-7-6 infantry, 1-2-6 ET and the Rumanians attacks the Maine unit cutting off the Rumanian fortified block to the principal Soviet advance from Kerch. The marine has Naval Gunfire and Air support and manages to cost the Axis a 1-2-6 ET brigade in a HX but supplies are restored to the Rumanians. The Axis curse the fact that they did not act more swiftly or vigorously to expel the Soviet landings east of Sevastopol as the enemy continue to drip feed reinforcements into the beachhead.

Air War: More DAS missions and more Aborts and Returns on both sides but only one downed aircraft, a Mig-3 over the Crimea.

Combat Report

Attacks = 1
Losses. Axis: 1 ET. 1x Air
Soviets = 2.