A rather uneventful turn as the Axis make no attacks simply feeding reinforcements into established defensive lines and pulling back toward prepared fortified positions
where troops are in retreat.

Turn Report

Weather – No Change

Army of Norway: Little activity in this sector.

AGN:From Riga to Vitebsk the line is stable. From Vitebsk around the arc of the former frontline to Rzev Axis are in full retreat struggling through the mud to reach the Vitebsk-Smolensk-Bryansk line.

AGC: The Axis attempt to hold the fortified line from Bryansk down to the rail junction south-west of Kursk.

The Soviets have penetrated this line at one point but reduced mobility does not allow the panzers to mass sufficiently to take on the incursion. Reinforcements are strategically railed to the sector in preparation for an attack next turn.

AGS: From the boundary with Army group Centre south to the Donets the Axis line moves west as fast as possible hampered by Soviet attacks/advances and the weather.

Air War: Due to the shrinking front the majority of DAS is out of range of Soviet fighters so there is little air to air combat this turn.

Combat Report

Attacks = 0. Loses = 0