Helsinki: Finland ratifies the Surrender but with no forces under arms this is a formality.

Voronezh: After the failed rescue attempt the hopeless, beleaguered and starving defenders succumb to a massed barrage from Rail, Siege and conventional Artillery which pounds them into the rubble which was the city.

Weather: The warming weather starts to thaw the Arctic tundra and rain and mud persist in all areas north of the Crimea.

Finland and Army of Norway: More minor units are shipped to Norway but the Soviet forces are now approaching the Norwegian border from the south and the Axis will need to consider whether they move the supply transports from Murmansk in order to ship more troops in to Norway or indeed whether they transfer some of the Murmansk garrison down the coast.

AGN: No attacks.  Mobile units move into reserve and a second fortified line forms 80 miles west of Kalinin.

AGC: No attacks. The MLR starts to thicken as troops trickle in from replacements and reinforcements.

AGS: The failed Soviet rescue attempt leaves a 27point defensive stack intruding into the Axis line; a far too tempting a target for the forces massed around Voronezh to ignore. They attack nipping of the bulge and totally annihilating this large spearhead including a 10-8 Gds Artillery xx and a 6-4-8 Tk xx. The irony is that had the Soviets not built the 1-2-6 para inf last turn and allowed the German panzers to overrun Voronezh the tanks may well have decided to re-locate out of theatre. however as they were trapped in place, they turned their attention to the Soviet thrust. Such are the vagaries of war.

Air Activity: DAS is concentrated where the Axis feel there is the most disparity between their own and the enemy’s force levels. The Soviets for their part make a few desultory intercepts but most bombers are out of reach of the short-range fighters and the encounters result in no significant losses on either side.

Combat Report:

Attacks: Auto = 1, Diced = 1
Losses: Soviets Isolated = 5, 5AA pts, 2 Res pts;
Soviet Un-isolated = 33