Finland: The Fins take advantage of the soviet pull back and launch a limited offensive north of Lake Lagoda with an infantry corps and 3  armour battalions eliminating a 4-6 inf div and border regiment and the Soviet left frank is now completely open

AGN/AGC: Infantry force marching east and north take up the blocking positions screening Leningrad and cut off Minsk . Engineers, siege artillery and  Rail guns move into position for an August assault. The infantry  however are still 100 miles short of the soviet MLR. The Siauliai pocket is eliminated but the powerful soviet mech corps in the at Bialystok pocket are simply contained.

The combined Panzer Force strikes the Russians “second” defensive line and it is clear to the tank commanders that the easy victories of a month ago are slipping away. The three hex assault around Veliki Luki pushes one hex of the defenders out of their fortified position  but they retreat in good order, another attack is blunted with the soviets taking losses but retreating a blocking force north east, only at the southern end of the attack is success achieved where a narrow gap in the lines is made. This is sufficient however for the Panzers to pour through the breach. Motorized elements swing north cutting the escape road of the defenders reeling back from the attack and move towards the Valdai.  The main force meanwhile swings south and reaches a position interdicting the Moscow highway east  of Smolensk. Other motorised support engages the soviet MLR just north of Vitebsk  with patrols and probes to restrict their mobility.

AGS. As the early morning mist clears the trapped mech units west of Kiev receive reports from local villagers that the fascists have slipped away in the night. Their hopes are dashed however when ariel recon out of Kiev reports enemy forces have breached the Dniepr north and south of the city and trapped the defenders. With all mobile reserves trapped within this wider pocket there is little hope of relief and the defenders prepare for a bitter fight to the end.

The Germans had decided against a tank on tank engagement west of Kiev. Instead they widen the bridgehead made by 11th Panzer and cross to the north of the city swinging south overrunning second line division and engineer regiments relieving them of their fort building duties forever.

To the south the brave but hopelessly out gunned 2nd Mech corps is bypassed, surrounded and annihilated opening a massive 40 km breach in the line. Light motorised forces occupy Cherkassy (eliminating an I-16 squadron on the ground), Kirovograd and interdict the rail junction at 2109 to deny the Soviet forces fleeing east from 11th army any supplies.

The main Panzer forces breach the Dnieper in the rolling hills between Kiev and Cherkassy and swinging north clamp  tight around Kiev along the east bank  Additional Panzers push out to provide a partial outer ring and send one division directly East.

In front of the city motorized support engages the besieged forces to restrict mobility and advanced infantry forces replace the panzers’ west screen.

Further west the remaining soviet pond dwellers continue to cause nuisance to secondary supply lines and the tardy progress of the engineering corps means much of the panzers have outrun their supplies.

11th Army The majority of the Rumanians harry and reduce the large infantry force moving east from Lvov and take positions across the old Rumanian border from the soviet line south to the Black sea. Chrisinau is taken without a fight.