JUNE I INSURGENTS – The noose tightens around Madrid after 3 hexes are taken and another seized during exploitation. The first counterattack in ages occurs northeast of Zaragoza with the Italian legions leading the way.

JUNE I LOYALISTS – Strictly defensive measures as Insurgent stacks in Castilla and Aragon are too strong to muster decent (greater than 2:1) odds. Resource points rushed to the front and a pull back from around Almeria keeps another stack from being out of supply.

JUN II 1937

JUN II 1937

JUNE II INSURGENTS – Increasing pressure on the Loyalist lines southeast of Madrid and northeast of Zaragoza result in advances and losses. Alcazar de San Juan recaptured (HX). A slow but steady attrition of air assets, on both sides, continues. Insurgents have 3 eliminated and 2 aborted; Loyalists have 5 eliminated.

JUNE II LOYALISTS – An attempt to regain a lost hex south of Madrid fails (AS) but some progress (DR) in the valley north of Teruel. Continued feverish fort building.

VICTORY POINTS: INSURGENTS 182/LOYALISTS 77; still a Marginal Victory for Insurgents.