The library contains a collection of documents and links to historical ressources regarding the military history of the first half of the 20th century.



The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Official Histories of the First World War

Its been more than a hundred years since the First World War started. Its course and outcome defined most of the 20th century. Receding from public memory into history, it is also long enough in the past for the various official histories of the war to go into public domain.  These days, most of the official histories are available online.
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Cover of the official "US Army in World War II"

Official Histories of the Second World War

Unfortunately, even though the Second World war ended more than sixty years ago, few official histories are available online.  In some cases, lengthening copyright durations have the official histories out of the public domain, in others, delayed publication mean the last volumes are only a couple of years old. In Japans case, the volume of the work itself defied all attempts in producing a translation, limiting readers to those with a thorough understanding of the japanese language and military terms at the same time.
To the official histories of the Second World War