Note by the editor: These essays were originally part of Jason Long’s website “Panzerkeil” on AFV’s in World War II. Jason has kindly allowed us to republish them here. Despite their age, the numbers haven’t changed, and neither have Jasons insights, which we share here.

Hungarian soldiers in the Carpathians 1944. Image: family archive Slobodsky

Hungarian Participation in Barbarossa

The Germans initially had no desire for Hungarian participation in Barbarossa. This was hardly satisfactory to the pro-German faction within the Hungarian government and the Honved (military), but they weren't able to do anything more until the Hungarian city of Kassa (Kosice) was bombed, reputedly by the Soviets, on the 26th of June.
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41M Turán II – Hungarian Medium tank at Kubinka Museum. Credit: Alan Wilson, 2012

Hungarian Weapons Statistics

A short overview over the structure of hungarian divisional units in 1941 as well as some key data on selected Hungarian weapon systems by Jason Long.
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Hungarian Convoy with artillery movers in the Ukraine, 1942, Credit: FORTEPAN / Csorba Dániel

The Hungarian 2. Army in Russia

To offset the losses suffered during Barbarossa, the Germans leaned more heavily on their Allies for support in their 1942 summer campaign. This article by Jason Long presents an overview of the Hungarian contribution to the war in the East, the 2nd Army.
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38M Toldi IIa ‘H501’ medium Hungarian tank in Kubinka Museum. Credit: Alan Wilson, 2012

Hungarian 2nd Army Weapon Inventory, Summer 1942

A listing of the weapons and equipment inventory of the Hungarian Second Army serving in Russia, summer 1942, accompanying the description of the Hungarian Second Army.
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