The War Academy provides the historical background knowledge  to the time period covered by the Europa-Series and its compagnions, the Glory- and Great-War-Series. This means we’ll concentrate on articles and essays covering modern military history from 1905 to 1955.

Additionally, we´ll provide you with inofficial Europa material such as alternative OBs, scenarios or research into unit ratings that has not been incorporated into official Europa games.

Military History Books

The Library

The Library contains documents and links to ressources about military history of the first half of the 20th century.

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The Schlieffen Plan

Historical Essays

The essays illustrate actors, battles and events from the time period which the Europa games deal with. While there is no overarching editorial guideline, we nevertheless believe these essays can contribute to a better understanding of some aspects of one of the most violent phases in human history.

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Westwall in Second Front

The Europa-Howtos

The Europa-Howtos are a loose series of articles concerned with the conduct of Europa, either play tactics or the implementation of house-rules. [read more]

German Organisation Chart of a Panzergrenadier-Division from 1944

Europa Orders of Battle Research

Research results by game designers, historians, and individual members of the Europa community. these OBs are not endorsed or owned by HMS/GRD and thus are not official in any way or form, but for entertainment purposes only.

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Europa Online

Links and Reviews of other websites and online-ressources related to Europa.

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JET Screenshot

Europa Software

Over the years, a couple of non-official programs and helpers to play Europa or other strategy games have been developed. JET , Vassal, CyberBoard and others try to bridge the gap between digital wargaming and the classic wargaming world.

Playing Europa on a PC