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March 1941

Mar I 41 Allied Turn

Malta status now 11.

The western and one of the eastern NTs are sunk by Axis anti shipping aircraft (now reinforced with the Ju88s) but one from Haifa gets through. Malta’s AA is supplied.

The Pioneer at Tobruch would like to start upgrading the fortress, but there are no AS/Res Pts to spare -the 2 that arrive this turn are needed for Greece next turn. So instead it ships out to Alex then by rail to El Alamein to start building airfields there instead.

Mindful of the need for major withdrawals to Greece (at Churchill’s insistence) next turn, and ULTRA’s hints at Germans troops in Tripoli and tanks on the way, the Allied army begins a general retreat.

Mar I 41 Axis Turn

2 more hits on Malta takes the Status to 13. A Ju87 is aborted. All the reinforcements arrive safely, with 1 AS held back in expectation of the recapture of Bengahzi and its port.
A general advance brings Ariete up to contact with 7th Armoured at Mechili, and the Mot Mg IIs of 5th Le retake Bengahzi. However the nearest AS is back at Agheila.

Mar II 41 Allied Turn

Clear and calm for the summer now.
Malta status now 11 (for comparison, the ENTER ROMMEL scenario has the status at 10)

Once the big shipment to Greece leaves, there are no Allied AS in North Africa. There is no spare NT in the E med and the one NT with supplies for Malta from the W Med is sunk. Malta’s AA is unsupplied for the first time.

LW Me 110Ds from El Agheila fly CAP over Bengahzi.
The Allies look into attacking the Ariete armoured group, but without supplies the best odds would be 3:2 -1.  Instead they consider how slowly they can withdraw given the similar shortage of Axis AS at the front. With AS landed at Bengahzi, the Ariete group can make a supplied attack anywhere in the Tobruch area, but the amount of force they can bring to bear is very limited as yet..

The Allies decide to hold near Gazala.
2x Blen 4 and the Wellingtons bomb Bengahzi. One Blen is returned by the CAP, and the Wellingtons inflict 2 port hits (Artificial port).

Mar II 41 Axis Turn

The usual mass air attack on Malta increases the Malta status to the maximum 15 and inflicts 2 port hits in addition.
2 pts AA, the 1-6 AA, and the cons engineers ship from Tripoli to Bengahzi. The Engineers repair 2 air cap and 2 x Ju88 transfer in from Sicily then try to bomb the airfield at Tobruch. Hurris turn one back and the other misses.

The turn ends with Ariete and Trieste closed up to Gazala, with an assembled 5Le 30 miles south in a position to outflank the Allies next turn. Derna is recaptured by an Italian 1-8 Mot Art III. AS is brought up from near Agheila to Msus.

February 1941

Feb I 41 Allied Turn

E is mud, seas are rough.
Allied turn;
Malta status is 6

The West Med NT pool is repaired to 10 NTs.
1 AS, 2 Aus brigades, and 9th Aus XX HQ land at Tobruch and the second AS arrives at Bardiya. The newly formed pioneers start building a temporary airfield at El Alamein – do you think they know something Wavell doesn’t?

The Western Med NT is again sunk by SM 79-2s. The E Med NTs get through, Malta is supplied.
The main force admin moves down just past Msus while a lone armoured brigade plods through the mud from Derna to capture the road hexes..
The Wellington misses the port at Benghazi.

Feb 1 41 Axis Turn

The Benghazi fort is completed.
A 3-6 Inf XX from Tripolitania ships in to reinforce Bengahzi. 8 GSPs are also shipped in to supply the town, which is cut off but not yet isolated.
5 hits to Malta at a cost of a Ju87 aborted. Malta number now 11. (15 is the Max allowed).
All the reinforcements arrive unscathed apart from the HQ of 101 Trieste XX which is returned to Europe. Lack of port cap means that the 2 steps of AS remain the Europe too.
The reinforcements head along the coast road towards El Agheila.

Feb II 41 Allied Turn

Weather is clear and seas are calm.
Allied turn;
Malta status now 9.

The Wellington is called away to Greece.
Malta supply NTs arrive.
The big attack goes in at Bengahzi, 4:1 reduced to 3:1 by DAS. DR is a ZOC kill.
Loses; 1 x MC 200, 1 x Ba65, 1 x CR 42, all with nowhere to land.
3-6 In Xx, 2-6 Inf XX, 1-6 Para Inf III, 3-4-6 Art, Cons, 1 pt Position AA.
British; 1 x Blen 4 aborted.
The two UK Arm XX close up on El Agheila.
At this point, bar a couple of tank IIs, all Italian units that started in Cyrenaica have been eliminated.

Feb II Axis Turn

DAK arrives, and the 5A Cons unit is replaced at Tripoli.
Malta takes 4 hits for Status 13. The AS and Trieste HQ arrive safely.
Ariete arrives at El Agheila while other reinforcements stream along the coast road.
Mar 1 – weather clear and calm.

Januar 1941

Jan I 41 Allied Turn

E is mud, seas are rough.
Malta Status is 2.

GSPs, 2 x Br Inf RPs and the 0-1-8 Hvy AA from Bardiya ship to Malta. The Malta 0-1-8 AA arrives safely too; Valletta now has 5 pts of AA.

Virtually the entire Western Desert Force attacks Tobruch; Gladiators take on the CR 42 escorts (mutual no effect) while the Hurricanes are aborted by the Ju 87s who are in turn returned. The attack goes in at 4:1 -1, DH (all elim for lack of retreat route). Tobruch falls.
Wellingtons inflict 1 port hit on Bardiya.

7th Arm advances inland to isolate the Italians at Gazala.
It losses; 2 x 0-1-6* GAF Inf III, a 3-4-6 and a 2-3-6 Art III, 1 pt position AA

Jan I 41 Axis Turn

In Benghazi the engineers start fort building.
The attacks on Malta begin in earnest; 2 x Ju88, 4 x Ju87, 3 x SM79 all attack, achieving 4 hits despite the mud for 1 x Ju87R returned. The He111 and SM79-2 hold off ready for anti-shipping duty next turn. Malta status is now 6.
1 AS makes it to Bengahzi along with a 3-4-6 Art from 5th Army and the 2-6 Inf XX evacuated from Derna.
1 AS and 1 Tk II are sunk, but 1 more makes it to Tripoli and another plus a 1-8 Mot Art to Homs.
Outlying airfields around Bengahzi are destroyed.
The Gazala garrison holds to block westward movement by Allied infantry.

Jan II 41 Allied Turn

Mud in E but calm seas. Note that for this game Benghazi and the clear hexes around it are considered to be in Zone F.
Malta status 4

The Hurri is repaired. The Wellington has still not been called away to Greece.
An NT carrying GSPs from Gibraltar is attacked by an He111 out of Pantelleria – AA aborts the He 111. The SM79-2 sinks it. Two NTs with GSPs attempt to get to Malta from Alex and Haifa. Both get through; Malta is supplied.

The Pioneers finish repairing the airfield outside Tobruch and move into the fortress.
7th Armoured pushes past Mechili. The Allied army eliminates the small blocking force at Gazala.
The Wellington attempts a night bombing mission on Benghazi but is turned back by AA.
In exploitation Derna is taken by an armoured brigade, while 7th Armoured pushes on to Agedabia
It losses; 1-8 Lt arm X, 2-3-6 art III, 1 pt position AA.

Jan II 41 Axis Turn

The He111 and Ju87 are repaired.
4 hits are inflicted on muddy Malta for 1 x SM 79 aborted. Malta status now 8.
The 2-1-8 lt arm X makes it ashore to Homs without difficulty.
A strong (by Italian standards) armoured group with artillery support builds up at El Agheila.
Jan II VP count; no territorial awards, Allied VP stand at 48.5

Dec 1940

Allied Dec I 40

Operation Compass

Malta status 6
Nb errata that during surprise attack turn escarpments only cost +1 mp

22nd Inf X on trucks moves to 0619 to isolate the front line Italian stacks. A 2-8* Ind Inf Inf X moves to 0818, the other two with 7RT and the W art move to 0720. All attack 0719 (7 defence pts, halved for demoralisation) 3 air units provide GS, AA misses, 4:1 +1, DR – ZOC kill. All three Indian X advance.

7 Arm XX moves to 0420 and with 3 points GS attacks the CCNN XX in 0320, 5:1 +3 = DE. 7 Arm advances.

Allied Dec I 40 Regular Turn

Weather is clear, Med sea is calm.

Malta status = 6

The arriving step of AS and 4 supply points are successfully shipped to Malta. The single point of Malta AA will fire at full strength this turn.

7th Australian XX assembles and with other misc units from the Delta admin moves west along the coast road. 8 REs are left behind as Strategic Reserve.

An assembled 7 Ind XX, and 7RT attack the stack at Sidi Barrani. With 5 pts GS 1 they attack the Libyans and CCNN Divs at Sidi Barrani (7 pts isolated so halved) –; AA misses, 14 vs 3.5 = 4:1 +1= DE (1 in 6 chance of HX which would have been a disaster).

1 AS and 1 SMP captured.

Attackers advance after combat.

Meanwhile 7 Arm breaks down and moves to 0419 Halfaya Pass. A 3-2-10 Arm X and the RN attack 64 XX, a Lt Arm X, and the Cons Engineers at 0519; 7 vs 1.5 (isolated so halved) = 4:1 +3 , ZOC kill.

The other Arm X and support group attack up the escarpment to 0520. 22nd Inf X and the art attack the same hex from 0521. With 1 pt GS (AA misses) 8:2.5 = 3-1 + 2 DE.

Exploitation; 7th Arm XX assembles and moves to 0319 to put a ZOC on Bardiya and the stack at 0219. It is joined by the Artillery on trucks and the newly arrived Free French Motor Marines.

Losses; Unisolated; 1 x 1-2-6 CCNN Inf XX

Isolated (placed in replacement Pool 6 turns turns later, on March 1 turn);

2 x 3-6 Lib Inf XX, 2 x 2-6 Inf XX, 1 x 1-2-6 CCNN Inf XX, 1 x 2-10 Lib Mot Inf X, 1 x 1-10 Lib Mot Inf X, 1 x 1-8 Lt arm X, 1 x 1-6 tk II, 1 x 0-5 Cons, 1 x 2-3-6 Art X, 1 x 1-2-6 Art X.

Note that the Libyans and CCNN cannot be replaced.

Units killed while isolated count as scrapped; 16.5 REs @ 3 VPs per RE = 49.5 Allied VP

Axis Dec I 1940 Turn

SM 79s bomb Malta and get one hit; Malta number is back up to 6.

The forces at Bardiya and Tobruch hold fast, otherwise airfields are destroyed and a general retreat westwards ensues.

Allied Dec II 1940 Turn

Weather remains clear and seas calm.

Malta status; 5

Malta is safely supplied by NT

The transport unit rendezvous with the 0-1-4 Col Pioneer ready to give it a lift forward in exploitation.

7 Arm XX kills a 2-6 It Inf XX outside Bardiya, while 4th Indian, 7th Australian, and assorted other units plus the RN attack Bardiya at 5:1 -1. DE. 4th Ind advances into the port ready for the trip to E Africa while the AA battalion does likewise in hopes of shipping to Malta next turn.

The Well 1C, Blen 4 and extended range Blen 1 from Matruh bomb Derna.

A CR 42 intercepts the Wellington for no effect, the AA misses but so do the bombs.

In exploit 7th Armoured occupies the airfield (with 3 hits) outside Tobruch, isolating the port city. It is joined by the Pioneer unit in its trucks ready to start airfield repairs next turn.

It losses; A 2-6 It Inf XX, a 1-2-6 CCNN XX, 0-1-6* GAF Inf III, a 2-1-6 and 1-6 Art III, and 1 pt static AA

VP; -1 Allied for repeat use of the RN.

Axis Dec II 1940 Turn

The 3x SM 79s in Sicily bomb Malta and miss.

Malta based anti-shipping forces sink the 2-10 reinforcing Mot Inf III and return the tank battalion. First blood to Malta.

The damaged Gazala airfield is abandoned.

5A Cons is released from Garrison and shipped to Benghazi along with a Res Pt.

The Benghazi artillery ships to Derna, then on to Gazala to support the 1-8 Lt Arm X there. Meantime the 2-6 Inf XX from Gazala moves to Derna (which is basing 3 air units providing cover for Tobruch and Gazala).

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