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November 1936

Nov I 36

Insurgent Player Turn.

The weather is now mud in Zone D, and there are rough seas in the Atlantic. The 2 LE III is again used to form a Division, the 2 Cas. The 2 Sor XX and supporting units move onto the rail line west of Talavera de la Reina, once again cutting the supply line to Salamanca. The Lt Inf II’s remain cut off further east, south of the rail line.

Loyalist Player Turn.

Soria and Miranda de Ebro, both abandoned by the Insurgents, are occupied. Both of the Lt Inf II’s south of the rail line running west from Madrid are destroyed in separate battles (9:1 -1 = DE; 9:1 0 = DE) with a Tank II and a Mech III being used to negate terrain modifiers in the second attack. No attack on the 2 Sor XX is possible at reasonable odds.

Nov II 36

Insurgent Player Turn.

Mud continues in Zone D, but the calm returns to the Atlantic, while weather in Zone E stays clear. The 1 Av XX is formed from the 1 LE III. No attacks this turn but units begin to position themselves for attacks on Salamanca and the Loyalists guarding the rail line where it crosses the Tajo River at 2218.

Loyalist Player Turn.

A low odds attack is launched on the 2 Sor XX. A large, mostly bloodless air battle is fought as both sides try to get air support, but in the end the attack just fizzles out (2:1 0 = AS).

Mar IV 1942


Weather: C&C, C&C, M&S

A bombardment of Corregidor occurs – no damage results and the Imperial commander decides that this is a waste of time and doesn’t bother with the island for the next few weeks.

Three attacks are launched on the mountain redoubt, Lucena and Matbaun. At Matbaun the defence is thrashed and destroyed although some IJA losses occur (2:1 = HX). At Lucena the defenders are roughly handled and bundled out due to armoured superiority (2:1 + 1 AECA = DH). The survivors fall back toBurgos. These battles surround the retreat zones of the mountain redoubt and the Lt Mtn units easily dispose of the 11th XX and 41st cdr (3:1 -1 mtn = DR). MacArthur receives notice of his dismissal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff – he ignores it.


Res Pt spent at Corregidor, several units rebuilt (US and F) and sent to new defence line north and north east of Lopez where they meet forces falling back from the Lucena-Matbaun debacle. Mechanised units and assorted IIs and IIIs begin to form up behind the Bicol River 64 miles west of Legaspi.

Mar III 1942


Weather 11 – C&C 12 – C&C, 13 M&R

Units are rebuilt at batangas and thrown into battle with the rebuilt 4th XX. From Cebu the 38th XX and 16/20 sail to Batangas. Cavite is attacked to try and close the escape route of the units in Manila – the battle forces the US forces to retreat east (3:1 = DR). With the south closed off, IJA forces assault Manila (clear terrain due to open city status) and the Allied forces are unable to retreat and surrender to the Japanese – losses are heavy with the 12th US XX and 2nd F XX falling into the bag (4:1 = DR/ZoC scam). The massive allied stockpiles are torched by Logistics personnel to prevent them falling into Japanese hands. (Two Res Pts destroyed, 1 captured). In the exploitation phase, the 4th DAN XX enters the rough terrain South of Cavite. MacArthur denounces the Roosevelt administration in a radio broadcast from Legaspi.


Units retreat to Matbuan and Lucena with the 11th XX and 51st Cdr left in the mountains dominating the western approaches. Most formations are supported by AA and Artillery with USMC and Filipino IIs and Provisional IIIs defending rear area ports. 2 Res Pts are left (in Legaspi) while Corregidor goes to U-1 status (2 Res Pts on the Island).


Mar II 1942


Weather: C&C, C&Rough, Mud and Calm

The fort north of Manila is attacked and the surviving defenders fall back to the open city (4:1 -1 fort = DH) The 51st Cadre joins the defenders. North east of the city a Lt XX and the 4 Dan XX attack units based on the 41st XX and force them back (2:1 +2 AECA = DR). On the coast of Tayabas Bay several US and F IIIs are destroyed but at the cost of the 4th XX and Kure III. (2:1 = EX). MacArthur calls for urgent aid from Washington.

Japanese Infantry RPs land at Batangas, ready to rebuild some destroyed units.

In the exploitation phase, IJA forces enter Taytay, cutting off the Manila defenders from the rest of Luzon.


Several US units are rebuilt and sent into the front line. The Manila forces split their attacks in two directions – one attack against Taytay with help from units at Laymon Bay fails to shift the IJA defenders (2:1 -1 AECD = AS) South from Manila in conjunction with Arm/Mech units the Japanese defenders of Cavite are destroyed opening the southern route from Manila (1.5:1 +1 AECA = HX). The attackers advance into the town.


Mar I 1942


Weather 11 – C&C, 12 – C&C, 13 – M&C

38th XX lands at Cebu island.

Units for the 4th Dan Armoured XX begin to gather at Luzon. the 4th XX, SNLF IIIs and 21/62 III push the defenders of San Pablo out of the town (3:1 = DR).

At the MacArthur Line 5+ Japanese XXs hit the eastern most fort in the wooded rough terrain and with the aid of light units are able to break the line and force the defenders back (4:1 -2 fort and terrain = DR). MacArthur claims cowboy contractors used in the construction are to blame.

Cebu City – IJA forces attack much to the amusement of the Allies and the Attack is a stalemate with the only result being a waste of supplies (1:1 -1 rough = AS) [For some reason I thought Cebu City was clear terrain!! Doh]


Manila is decalred an open city and Res Pts are moved to the tail of Luzon. Units start to pull out of the line to new defensive positions in the south. The decision is made by MacArthur to pull his HQ back to Legaspi.

October 1936

Oct I 36

Insurgent Player Turn.

The Loyalist Art III in Pontevedra dies from lack of supply, as do the PA & Anarchist units around Granada. A bit of luck here for the Insurgents, as 2 of the 6 Loyalists units would have been expected to survive. The 2 LE III is again used to form a XX, this time 2 Sor.

Insurgent units withdraw from Logorno, which will be unsupplied once bad weather hits. Don Benito is re-occupied without opposition. Two Lt II’s infiltrate to positions near the VMS Cav X, which has now moved directly astride the rail line. Badajoz, defended only by its intrincis garrison, falls easily despite half of the Falangist militia in the attack cowering in the rear (9:1 0 = DE). Granada is also taken easily, despite the fact that its attackers lack artillery support, as it too, has only its intrinsic garrison to protect it (8:1 -1 = DE). Loyalist unit in Merida as pushed out of town (4:1 0 = DR).

Loyalist Player Turn.

The VMS Cav X is attacked by several weak units that have been scraped up to attempt to re-open supply lines to Caceres and Salamanca. Despite the presence of a Tank II and GS, the attack fails as the Insurgents manage to get DAS from the MIxed T air unit (2:1 +1 = AS). South of Logorno, two Loyalist corps manage to destroy the Hue XX, but at considerable cost to themselves (3:1 -1 = EX).

Oct II 36

Insurgent Player Turn.

The 3 Sor XX is formed from the 1LE III. Forces in SE Castilla la Vieja fall back to Soria. In Estramadura, Carceres, defended only by the Civil Guard, is taken easily (8:1 0 = DR), while the last Loyalist unit in the providence south of the Tajo River, is overwhealmed in rough terrain (9:1 -1 = DE).
The Loyalist position in Estramadura has collapsed with surprising speed.

Loyalist Player Turn.

Supply lines to the forces in Salamanca and north of the Tajo River in Estramadura are re-opened as the VMS Cav X is finally wiped out (9:1 -1 = DH).

At Pamplona, an attack by PA and Catalan units takes the city form its out-of- supply defenders and cuts off the survivors as they try to escape to Insurgent lines (9:1 -1 = DH) (ZOC Kill). The Northern Gobernitos are now linked up with the rest of Loyalist Spain! Anti-climacticly, Logorno is taken as its intrinsic garrison is wiped out (9:1 -1 = DE).

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